Traducción de corollary en Español:


corolario, n.

Pronunciación /kəˈrɒləri//ˈkɑrəˌlɛri//ˈkɔrəˌlɛri/

nombrePlural corollaries

  • 1

    corolario masculino
    corollary of / to sth corolario de algo
    • This had the remarkable corollary that non-euclidean geometry was consistent if and only if euclidean geometry was consistent.
    • The fan theorem is, in fact, a corollary of the bar theorem; combined with the continuity principle, which is not classically valid, it yields the continuity theorem.
    • This theorem gave, as a corollary, the complete structure of all finite projective geometries.
    • As a corollary to this theorem Higman proved the existence of a universal finitely presented group containing every finitely presented group as a subgroup.
    • For these angles, the contradiction used to prove the corollary does not arise.