Traducción de corporeal en Español:


corpóreo, adj.

Pronunciación /kɔrˈpɔriəl//kɔːˈpɔːrɪəl/



  • 1

    (of the body)
    • We have a biological existence, through which we experience the vital values of creature comforts, physical ease, agreeableness, adaptability and corporeal pleasures.
    • Are we talking about something we can't even imagine, a non corporeal spiritual existence.
    • He felt the body reel inwardly, weakening as his anger surfaced, stressing the spell that held the body in corporeal form.
    • What becomes of your spirit while your corporeal remains decay?
    • Does the fragmentation of her body undo any sense of corporeal affinity we might feel, and so foreclose the possibility of identification?
    • In this way More sought to demonstrate that the idea of incorporeal substance, or spirit, was as intelligible as that of corporeal substance, i.e. body.
    • What photography mummifies, distorts and murders, among other things, is the sense that the reality of the self resides in the body, the corporeal and temporal boundaries of personhood.
    • It was fraught with language inadequate to genital specificity, a language of the one-sex body in which corporeal difference threatened always to collapse into sameness.
    • The locus of acts of memory is corporeal, in and through the body.
    • The depictions of corporeal decay delineate the destiny of the physical body and portray the mysterious transitional state between this and the other worlds.
    • They also believed that there were two Gods: a Good God, who created the spirit, and a Bad God who created all corporeal matter.
    • In its exploration of the corporeal body the play insists on the integral relationship between love, food and sex for the maintenance of a healthy body and a healthy body politic.
    • I could argue that if you had a sufficient outlet for expressing your true selves in your fleshly, corporeal lives, then your blogs would be redundant.
    • Or, you create a psychic projection so you can explore separate from your corporeal body - which also has the handy side effect of allowing you to possess guards.
    • Laban studied corporeal movement in notably impersonal terms, disciplining bodies even as he asked them to pulse with new life.
    • Thomas says very clearly and implies very clearly that the resurrection of Christ was not a corporeal resurrection, but a spiritual resurrection.
    • While she pines on her sick bed, her soul rises from her body, takes corporeal form and pursues the departing student.
    • If we use our corporeal bodies to interpret the world around us, this second body is the matrix by which we interpret our metaphysics.
    • We care for their corporeal and spiritual growth.
    • Sargon seems intent on regaining a corporeal body, but is satisfied living as a spirit at the end of the episode.
  • 2

    (material, tangible)
    • Property includes the rights in and to any movable property, immovable property, corporeal and incorporeal property.
    • The proper law governing the transfer of corporeal movable property is the lex situs.
    • This concept is complementary to another well-known legal doctrine, namely, that money cannot be owned in the same way as corporeal property.
    • Having defined hereditaments as inheritable interests, the common law went on to distinguish between corporeal and incorporeal hereditaments.
    • Goods: will probably include corporeal movable things, fixed property and any real rights relating thereto.