Traducción de correspondence course en Español:

correspondence course

curso por correspondencia, n.


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    curso por correspondencia masculino
    • Eventually I found out about a correspondence course on forest management offered by the Forest Farmer's Association in conjunction with the Georgia Extension Service.
    • On cross examination he conceded however, that he had never graduated from anything and that he had not received any education in the United States other than a correspondence course out of Virginia.
    • You think you might do a correspondence course in web page design at some stage so that if the farm ever goes under, you have a second career.
    • The whole correspondence course - which includes instruction on business ethics - takes about five hours to complete.
    • For a while he took a correspondence course in business, but now he merely reads, with more than 50 books tucked away on his trolley.
    • Although I had been studying his teachings through a correspondence course, my first encounter with him in person was a memorable experience.
    • But once I'd decided to get involved in design commercially, I did a correspondence course, followed by a course at a design school.
    • If the sickness extends for a long time, you may want to consider enrolling your children with a home-school correspondence course.
    • He finished a high school correspondence course and applied for a scholarship at Florida State University.
    • He went to Moscow University, where he graduated in law, and subsequently followed a correspondence course in agriculture.
    • Sir Issac Pitman began the first correspondence course for his shorthand system.
    • He gained four of them - an MSc in economics, a Bachelor of Administration and two law degrees - when, as a political prisoner, he enrolled in a correspondence course with London University.
    • If you are working and aren't sure how much time a week you can commit to, or you work irregular hours, you might like to consider a correspondence course, which you can do from home.
    • We already tried a high school correspondence course through the Distance Learning Program, with which she had no trouble.
    • He was offered a coveted place and following a correspondence course in the evening, began working at the branch.
    • He enrolled in a correspondence course to develop his art, but long, hard hours meant that he couldn't keep up with the work.
    • I am seriously thinking about taking the correspondence course and taking on work bit by bit.
    • The correspondence course works best for people that have a project and need to work-like-mad to get it finished, or they have a complete manuscript they want critiqued.
    • Was it on-the-job training or a correspondence course?
    • Inspired, he took a six-month correspondence course and attended a week-long lecture in Tokyo last summer when he was offered a job in Vietnam.