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corroer, v.

Pronunciación /kəˈroʊd//kəˈrəʊd/

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    (metal) corroer
    • Platinum is a relatively inactive metal that does not corrode or tarnish in air.
    • Wandering hands leave acid residues that corrode the marble.
    • For example if you choose a balcony made from copper treated pine, steel fixtures can react with the copper and corrode.
    • Rubber corrodes silver, and it can become so deeply etched that only a silversmith can repair the damage.
    • Aqua regia is basically a mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acids, and it is one of the few chemical reagents potent enough to corrode gold.
    • All explosives remain dangerous in sea water, as the metal casing corrodes and explosives become unstable.
    • If a few extra cents per square foot are spent to upgrade from galvanized steel to stainless steel or aluminum, the metal will not corrode as fast and will last longer.
    • The cannon was placed in a large waterproof crate of fresh water to leach out the salts, which, if untreated, would have eventually corroded the metal.
    • I mean, a lot of metal objects are corroding very badly: some of the tin cans you can only see as rust rings where their seams were, so it certainly does need a lot of care.
    • While homes covered in other materials can corrode, rot, split, warp, dent, or crack through the years, brick does not.
    • Copper usually originates from highly acidic water, which corrodes copper plumbing.
    • This system was later discredited because chemicals added to the concrete corroded the steel used to reinforce it, making it weaker.
    • The materials that are useful for anodes must be good conductors and must not corrode too easily under oxidizing conditions.
    • Even lumps of clay backfill in sandy soil will corrode metal pipes at points of clay contact.
    • So you had all the high sodium content of the concrete corroding the steel.
    • Also, if the carbonation front reaches embedded steel, the steel can corrode.
    • His armor had protected him from the poison, though the acidic mix had corroded the metal in several places.
    • Boyle went on to characterize acids, noting their sour or tart taste and their ability to corrode metals.
    • Before it can be counted the next job will be to clean and separate the cash, as some of the metals have corroded and coins have stuck together.
    • They are now corroding and not doing the job they were intended to do.
    • Residual water left in poorly-maintained ballast tanks during hot, humid conditions could well have either started the corrosion process or made already corroded metal plates even worse.
    • Water can corrode metals given enough time, and time it will have.
    • Copper corrodes at negligible rates in unpolluted air, water, and deaerated nonoxidizing acids.
    • Aluminum is highly resistant to weathering, even in industrial atmospheres that often corrode other metals.
    • The project became fully operational in May and the rate at which the parts were corroding they may have to be replaced very soon.
    • Older students can be assigned to research and discover what it is that is in UV rays that causes them to corrode various materials.
    • Galvanized iron and copper screen were used in the past but these materials corrode over a period of time and should be replaced before they discolor the window frames and walls.
    • But ductile iron also corrodes, so there has been a further programme to replace both metals with polyethylene pipework.
    • As the steel corrodes into rust, the re-bar expands and splits the concrete open.
    • The twisted and corroded metal is situated in the memorial garden.
    • Because it is non-metallic, the fiber-reinforced polymer material won't corrode, giving it the durability to last at least 75 years, says Bank.
    • And metal corrodes over time, just from exposure to the air.
    • The chassis was bent and everything was badly corroded because it had been left to the mercy of the elements in an open barn.
    • There were more of them, and they were corroding.
    • That was badly corroded, as was the inside of the brass cylinder itself, obviously from the action of the salt.
    • A chemical reaction will cause salt to corrode silver over time, so emptying a silver saltshaker should be one of your after-dinner cleanup duties.
    • These were covered in thick dust and cobwebs and were badly corroded.
    • Iron corrodes so quickly that an item may become too hot to touch before cracking into pieces from internal pressure generated by chemical change.
    • The chemicals - abandoned in the old building - had corroded their metal containers and seeped into a path.
    • Bad idea, say the experts, as all the pipes would corrode.

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    (battery/metal) corroerse