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cosaco, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkɑsˌæk//ˈkɒsak//ˈkɑsək/


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    cosaco masculino
    cosaca femenino
    • Thanks to the generosity of a number of local horsing enthusiasts the profile of the Cossacks and the skills they possess, can be viewed by members of the general public.
    • There were only Russians, Tatars, Poles, Cossacks, and Kalmucks, and a number of the figures are repeated.
    • There was also a magnificent display by four Ukrainian Cossacks, pony club games, a trade show featuring 15 stands, a polo demonstration and foxhound and beagles show.
    • Popular equestrian attractions include the heart stopping Ukrainian Cossacks and hunt chase teams, the fast and exciting Pony Club games and elegant dressage demonstrations.
    • The original gauchos were an equestrian ethnic group similar to North American cowboys and Ukrainian Cossacks.
    • Volume Seven, which was originally published in 1909, is the first volume of a subseries within the History entitled History of the Ukrainian Cossacks.
    • Also on view will be the fabulous Russian Cossacks who always provide great entertainment.
    • There are 15,000 registered Cossacks in the Ukraine.
    • By the early eighteenth century Siberia was conquered thanks to private efforts of merchants, Cossacks and other free people.
    • The tale is set in the Ukraine, among the Cossacks of the great Zaporozhian Sech (a large fortified island encampment on the river Dnieper).
    • Fedor Vasilevich Tokarev was the epitome of a Cossack from the Don River Basin of Russia.
    • The Ukrainians remind themselves that they are Cossacks and as such will never be forgotten or vanquished.
    • Among the highlights were displays of angling, clay shooting, gun dogs, falconry and the Ukrainian Cossacks who thrilled the crowds with their hair-raising display of horse riding.
    • American leaders hoped the Cossacks and Russian officers would be able to block German access to Russian resources and would serve as a nucleus from which a democratic Russia could be regenerated.
    • A media preview last week featured frantic-looking horses running in tight circles around a circus ring while actual Russian acrobats dressed as Cossacks performed death-defying feats upon their backs.
    • The leader of a band of independent Russian Cossacks, he spent his early career plundering the czar's ships on the Volga and later entered the service of a merchant family, the Stroganovs.
    • One of the most popular attractions over the two days was the horse riding displays in battle re-enactments by Ukrainian Cossacks.
    • For adults and children alike there was a daring display of stunt riding by The Russian Cossacks who thrilled the crowd with their amazing stunts from the backs of galloping horses!
    • A descendant of Cossacks, born in the far reaches of Siberia (of a family of heroic pioneers), Mendeleyev clearly left an exotic impression on Sir William Ramsay when they met in 1884.
    • Indeed, it has been wrestled over so often by the Cossack and the Turk that little of the old city remains.