Traducción de cottage cheese en Español:

cottage cheese

requesón, n.


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    requesón masculino
    • I upped the protein with cottage cheese and boosted the fiber with whole-wheat bread.
    • However, hard cheeses are not affected and no health warning was ever issued about cottage cheese, cream cheese or fromage fraîs.
    • A soft cheese or cottage cheese won't last as long as a hard cheese such as Cheddar.
    • Dairy products like yogurt and cottage cheese, soy products and peanut butter are all good sources of protein.
    • If this is unavailable to you, my best substitution guess would be half thick yogurt and half cottage cheese.
    • The dough will be alarmingly wet, resembling large-curd cottage cheese.
    • Include cottage cheese, yogurt and even low-fat cheeses as protein sources in your diet.
    • The protein from cottage cheese hits the blood by workout time, sparing muscle breakdown.
    • Blend spinach and ricotta or cottage cheese in a blender or work together through a sieve.
    • In the dining room, a bowl of yogurt and cottage cheese was waiting for me.
    • These days you can buy lactose-reduced versions of ice cream, cottage cheese, and yogurt.
    • While he was gone, Grandma came over to bring Mother some butter and cottage cheese.
    • There are also low fat alternatives to dairy products such as low fat cream cheese, ricotta, cottage cheese, cheddars and yoghurts.
    • Mix cottage cheese with fruit in the morning, drink milk with one or more of your meals, and have a yogurt as a midday snack.
    • He set before me eggs and toast, tea, and a small cup of peaches with cottage cheese.
    • Top with jam, peanut butter, almond butter, low fat cottage cheese, light cream cheese or lox.
    • If you choose to remove meat from your diet, then you need to rely on other protein sources such as eggs, cottage cheese or soy.
    • It has cottage cheese qualities, but no cottage cheese is actually used in this spread.
    • Instead, they eat more egg whites, cottage cheese, soy shakes and protein-based foods.
    • The cooked soymilk is formed into bean curd, much like making cottage cheese from milk.