Traducción de council en español:


consejo, n.

Pronunciación: /ˈkaʊnsəl//ˈkaʊns(ə)l/


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    • 1.1(advisory group)

      consejo masculino
      • Stepping up the pressure on the council, White House officials said they wanted negotiations wrapped up quickly.
      • He has considerable years of experience on the council; I feel he could do an excellent job as mayor.
      • On 25 May there were elections all over Spain for regional parliaments and municipal councils.
      • City and district councils are at the forefront of dog control.
      • He said that he had been on the council for 37 years and no issue had ever received as much consultation and debate.
      • He is on the council of the Albert Hall.
      • Local government consists of elected county and municipal councils.
      • He served on the council until 1979, when he decided not to run for re-election.
      • There will be four experts on the council, from the Ministry of Forestry, the University of Indonesia and Gadjah Mada University.
      • This marked the first time Ireland had served on the council since 1981.
      • A report was given on the council meeting which was attended by two members of the guild.
      • Mayors and municipal councils are elected directly by the local community.
      • Lack of transport and funds for the city and municipal councils lead to huge piles of garbage.
      • There is a representative of our 30 townlands on the council.
      • That would put the onus on the council to determine small applications within a 40-day period.
      • The people elect local councils to govern their districts and municipalities.
      • If the mayor has limited clout on the council, it's partly because he has little constituency support in the city.
      • I don't want to place the blame for that on the council because they must act in the interests of the whole town.
      • He said it had not been possible to find a source of substantial funding to operate the vessel and, as a result, it would place a big burden on the council.
      • Sometimes there is a deadlock in a city and district, and regional councils and mayors have to show leadership and give a casting vote.
      • They deny that they served on the council.
      • These 1,500 men had a right to elect the city council which governed the city's 13,000 people.
      • The third tier of government, municipal councils, has an electoral system which varies from state to state.
      • Within each county there are also towns with mayors, city councils, police chiefs, and fire departments.
      • A few hours after the letter was posted on the council's Web site, someone decided to take it down.
      • Incredibly, however, many on the council still refused to admit that the whole problem was the hundred acre coal fire merrily burning beneath the town.
      • But district councils said the county council could have done more to highlight the chance to get extra roads gritted.
      • The mayor must present to the council his administrative actions based on the council's decisions.
      • He has less than a year to consolidate his position on the council, so he'll have to make his presence felt and get as much publicity as he can to boost his profile.
      • The advisory council's annual meeting, normally held in Kuala Lumpur, is being hosted for the first time in Bayan Lepas.
      • What really did he discover at the University of Western Australia, where he had studied and also was on the council?
      • He went on to call on the council officials to also support the campaign.
      • While dissenting voices are certainly needed on the council they should be those that espouse a coherent ethical view.
      • She is scheduled to formally open the advisory council's standing committee meeting on Thursday.
      • Although nominally only an advisory body, the council's decisions are viewed in practice as binding and ignored by the government at its own peril.
      • The parish of Clonegal has only one man going forward for a seat on the council and he has proved that no matter what your political views he has done all in his power to help the locals.
      • When papers were served on the council, officials took steps to find a place for the boy.
      • The staffing of the facility and the ongoing monitoring and reporting costs will also represent a continuing draw on the council's resources.
      • She thanked all the officials and remarked that her five years on the council gave her an insight into how the county runs.
      • South Africa would ably represent the continent on the council.

    • 1.2Política
      (elected body)

      ayuntamiento masculino
      town/city council municipio masculino
      • she's on the council es concejala en el ayuntamiento / municipio
      • to be in council estar reunido
      • council tenant inquilino de una vivienda económica en Esp

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    concilio masculino