Traducción de counterblast en Español:


enérgica respuesta, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkaʊn(t)ərˌblæst//ˈkaʊntəblɑːst/


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    enérgica respuesta femenino
    counterblast to sth/sb enérgica respuesta a algo/algn
    • With an explosive set of new proposals to go with it, it might provide the much-needed counterblast to Labour.
    • This highly original, thought-provoking and discursive counterblast against the hypocrisy and cant be served up to the [US ]public should be watched by anyone with any sympathy with that country's exploited and oppressed.
    • Separate or joined, however, I was always ready with a defensive counterblast.
    • Whether viewed as a quick fix or a counterblast, the f-word is always fraught with danger.
    • About the laws on handguns, I am sending off a counterblast,
    • Last month, in a counterblast to the BBC's survey of the 100 greatest novels, a newspaper poll of the 50 worst fingered The Alchemist for its ‘pseudo-philosophic witterings’.
    • We are the counterblast to the easy comfort and cosy reassurance of all things you hate: the unholy amalgam of Zen, Californian, chilled-out, ethnic, post-hippie, Celtic and new age.
    • Nevertheless, he did good work on their behalf by editing a succession of antirent propagandist journals as a counterblast to the generally hostile popular press.