Traducción de counterculture en Español:


contracultura, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkaʊntəkʌltʃə//ˈkaʊn(t)ərˌkəltʃər/


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    contracultura femenino
    • Over the past two decades Almodóvar has moved from the counterculture to the mainstream.
    • In many ways, most of a counterculture's impact is limited to style.
    • They're often astonished that they can meet someone who has influenced the bands that introduced them to the counterculture.
    • Your political legacy, alas, will live long - but so will the vital counterculture you have spawned.
    • Even the counterculture and college saturnalias of the late 1960s did not corrupt my habits.
    • Still, there are jarring moments, such as the author's assessment of the effect on the counterculture of the expansion of America's war in Vietnam.
    • The point of the various musical countercultures under the Soviets was not simply to hear music.
    • Anyone who is now going to be elected president has probably lived through the drug counterculture and the sexual revolution.
    • In general, anarchism plays a big role in American radical politics and countercultures.
    • It should appeal to readers interested in social issues, psychology and the counterculture.
    • And they have all declared years ago that Bukowski's poetry was no longer part of the counterculture.
    • What was your relationship with the counterculture like?
    • But where, in this fertile mess of war and unaccountability, is the raging counterculture to be found?
    • This counterculture is not a handful of people living very different lives.
    • Virginia Woolf's granddaughter, speaking at the Hay-On-Wye Literary festival, celebrates the triumph of the counterculture in Britain.
    • As the great musical icon of the Sixties counterculture, Dylan has always been expected to live up to higher moral standards than the average rocker.
    • Bjork occupies a rare position as both a mainstream pop icon and a major force in the counterculture.
    • The counterculture isn't dead but it needs some institutions to keep it alive.
    • You're all young enough to have missed the counterculture of the 1960s.
    • Right now the counterculture's online and mainstream culture's in space.