Traducción de counterterrorism en Español:


contraterrorismo, n.

Pronunciación /kaʊntəˈtɛrərɪz(ə)m//ˌkaʊn(t)ərˈtɛrərɪzəm/


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    contraterrorismo masculino
    (expert/coordinator) (before noun) en contraterrorismo
    • Each is directly involved in national security or counterterrorism and is regularly briefed on terrorism developments.
    • The main feature is a new national intelligence czar, to whom, it is imagined, the many federal agencies engaged in intel and counterterrorism will report.
    • His current research is about the role of intelligence in multinational counterterrorism activities.
    • I asked for a series of briefings on the issues in my portfolio, including counterterrorism and cybersecurity.
    • In one area still there needs to be quick improvement, and that's on terrorism or counterterrorism.
    • Now, FBI agents' time is a much scarcer commodity because so many agents focus on counterterrorism.
    • They have cooperated with the U.S. on counterterrorism initiatives in Central Asia and elsewhere.
    • International support of a multidimensional counterterrorism strategy is necessary to defeat it.
    • Integrating our counterterrorism and regional strategies was the most difficult and the most important aspect of the new strategy to get right.
    • Funding for elite counterterrorism units has also been ramped up.
    • Others, however, will not be able to ignore the relevance of this story to current counterterrorism operations.
    • The most important phase of any counterinsurgency or counterterrorism campaign is recognizing that the threat exists.
    • We have joint task forces that deal with counterterrorism as well as counterterror financing.
    • It was the largest counterterrorism exercise in the nation's history.
    • Would he be reporting directly to the head of the national counterterrorism unit?
    • You've spent a career studying counterterrorism and looking for these potential terrorists out there.
    • Even their analysis capability was geared toward making criminal cases not for counterterrorism purposes.
    • Still, counterterrorism specialists and Middle East foreign area officers should read this book.
    • The Army has been assigned as executive agent for domestic counterterrorism and would seem the logical choice.
    • But Europe's counterterrorism problem is large and changes are needed if it's to be tackled better.