Traducción de country dance en Español:

country dance

danza folklórica, n.



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    danza folklórica femenino
    • A joyful sequence involving a country dance is among his greatest achievements of this kind.
    • The home of Scottish country dance music - and its legendary son, the late Jimmy Shand - lies just a few miles up the road at Auchtermuchty.
    • After the ceremony, the wedding party went into the field next to the church to engage in a country dance.
    • Paddy will be on stage for the big country dance on Friday night, March 18.
    • There were no dances exclusively for the lower school either - no hornpipe or Scottish country dances.
    • After graduating, her love of Scottish country dance saw her tutor night classes of up to 80 adults after a day spent in the classroom.
    • I've made up a country dance for the play… clap clap clap, slap slap slap, skip skip skip is broadly how it goes.
    • ‘As a future King it would be nice to learn the official country dance,’ he said.
    • Perhaps my most meaningful and powerful memory is our country dance sessions on a Saturday evening.
    • He finds good direction right in the text, such as the description of Mr. Fezziwig's raucous English country dance party.
    • Outside the Canongate Kirk, a Celtic band had struck up, and at 10 in the morning, a spontaneous country dance was taking place on the pavement.
    • He established the five-piece dance band - two accordions, fiddle, drum and bass - that formed the template for Scottish country dance bands.
    • This champion of English folk music performs ancient ballads and industrial songs, country dance tunes and political broadsides, bolstered by new songs of his own.
    • Ah, but country dance music isn't standing still.
    • So, for example, court dances and country dances, in separate scenes, are staged largely in absurd slow motion.
    • When the set of the country dance brought them together, she whispered, ‘You should not have approached me.’
    • Scottish country dance groups worldwide today continue the tradition of social dancing popularized by the Society since its founding in 1923.
    • Again the group chose a rather fast tempo, which with the bagpipe-like drone in the bass parts, gave this movement the lilt of an improvised country dance.
    • The origins of contra dancing go back to colonial days, and its roots can be traced to English country dance.
    • I was a member of a country dance club that does many wonderful things, such as fund-raising, but they never asked me to be on a committee.