Traducción de country house en Español:

country house

casa solariega, n.


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    casa solariega femenino
    • The family also owned a country house in a large forest west of Paris.
    • If the landscaping of the country house was at the cutting edge of garden design in the eighteenth century, the urban park was its successor.
    • A substantial country house set in mature gardens and beautiful countryside
    • It all gives the impression that you're staying in a private country house as a guest of the family.
    • Morning coffee and afternoon tea in the Hall are civilised touches evoking more a country house party than a hotel.
    • Talking to a group of foreign journalists at his country house outside Moscow last week, he accused the West of double standards.
    • It was contained in an elegant, but not capacious, town house rather than a larger country house.
    • More than 200 protesters have objected to fresh plans to build a country house on a golf course.
    • This country house in a metropolis prides itself on courteous and friendly service, but still keeps pace with modern life.
    • Up at the top, the path widens out to reveal a large country house set in extensive gardens.
    • Although it is called a castle, the residence is a grand country house.
    • After 1939 he retired permanently to his country house where he became interested in growing weeds.
    • It is not, I think, fairly to be described as a stately home, but it is a substantial country house.
    • After the death of his beloved son, he had retired to a country house and submerged himself in seclusion for several months.
    • Pliny the Younger, in his letters, describes proudly and affectionately his country house and its gardens.
    • He was developing a garden around his country house in Herefordshire but was struggling to find the plants he needed.
    • How on earth do you get those crisp sharp edges on your garden beds at the country house?
    • The location would appear to be the great hall of their country house, something in Berkshire, perhaps.
    • My brother's flat: he is gardener at a huge country house and lives on the premises.
    • Of course, they set out on foot and find an abandoned country house, with an adjacent vampire-bat-infested barn.