Traducción de couple en Español:


pareja, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkʌp(ə)l//ˈkəpəl/


  • 1

    • 1.1(two people)

      pareja femenino
      a married couple un matrimonio
      • the happy couple los recién casados
      • Congratulations are extended to the newly married couple and their families.
      • By which she meant that, although they were the final couple to dance, they hadn't finished up on the bottom of the pile.
      • Getting the message, each of the couples escaped to the dance floor.
      • Most households consist of a married or unmarried couple and their children.
      • His family is being torn apart by his dad's alcoholism, his emotions are being torn as he sees his friends pair off into couples, and his job working on the railtracks is uninspiring.
      • The two couples at the centre of the mix-up and the twins cannot be identified following a court order.
      • I picked up the Sunday paper that weekend and saw a double-page spread full of interviews with the childless couples who had written to the woman in desperation.
      • A new couple whirled onto the dance floor and snatched her attention.
      • Before they knew it, the couple had danced six dances and was beginning to feel weary.
      • These couples are self-sufficient; their careers, their interests, their travels are enough to give meaning to their lives.
      • Fish were making their presence felt in every pool, including a couple of double figured salmon.
      • When we had left the hotel, I had felt like we were a married couple on our honeymoon.
      • As the title suggests, this unlikely duo plays a couple of struggling actors.
      • But couples buying property together should think beyond these points if they want to avoid costly disputes.
      • The dust swirled around in the perfect globe and came to settle at a pale green which matched the couples ' eyes.
      • I mean when you think about it, we really are like this old married couple.
      • Servants and squires of every sort were running around after their lords and knights, and beautiful couples swept across the dance floor.
      • The couples were played by actors, but the doctors, lawyers, social workers, and the judge were all real life professionals acting as they would if this were a real case.
      • The school board said it had no choice but to let the couple attend the dance, given the ruling.
      • Students were either at the center of the hall, dancing in couples or groups, or lounged around the tables, chatting amiably with their friends.
      • Nineteen couples from as far afield as Germany, England, Ghana and Taiwan said ‘I do’ on the island on Valentine's Day last year.
      • In that scrapbook there'll be pictures of everyone individually, and then pictures of the couples together.
      • In the crowded halls of the huge college, the couples were pairing off quickly and heading off to get ready for dates, or parties.
      • Some couples choose to keep their main accounts separate, paying into a joint account to cover regular outgoings such as the mortgage and supermarket bills.
      • Lucky couples on the dance floor walked away with more than a dozen prizes during the course of the night.
      • Divorce is a label that married couples hope will never be applied to them.
      • It is a linear dance - the couple dance forward and backward rather than around in circles.
      • They found that the couples whose expectations matched their relationship skills were most satisfied.
      • In the case of pair skaters and ice dance couples, one of the two individuals must fulfill the same requirement as for a singles skater.
      • The couples in the piece make an experience and a temporal transformation occurs.
      • None of the characters seems to like each other; the relationships between the couples appear to be based on mutual irritation and all seem self-preoccupied.
      • The band began to play a sixties medley and couples returned to the dance floor.
      • Interestingly everyone agrees that the one thing keeping unhappy couples together is not the last vestige of love, but money.
      • I do not dance well, but I delight in watching couples dance together, especially older couples.
      • He likes to look at the handsome couples and the odd couples, imagining how they met and what will happen to them next.
      • The couple danced many classical roles together, as well as pas de deux that Nixon choreographed.

    • 1.2plural coupleBritish (in hunting)

      pareja de perros femenino

  • 2

    (two or small number)
    + plural verb a couple (of sth) un par (de algo)
    • can you lend me a couple of pounds? ¿puedes prestarme un par de libras?
    • I think he'd had a couple creo que tenía unas copas de más
    • a couple hundred books unos doscientos libros
    • a couple hours unas dos horas

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    Ferrocarriles (cars) enganchar
    (circuits) conectar
    (events/theories) asociar
    to couple sth/sb with sth/sb asociar algo/a algn con algo/algn
    • The best case for 12-inch speakers, with their drivers nearly touching, can provide coupling up to about 550 Hz.
    • That said, it's a very good engine, which is coupled to a sublime gearbox.
    • You can drive around in the cab and when eventually you find a trailer section you can couple up - you're then in charge of a full 18 wheel articulated rig - complete with airbrakes and airhorn!
    • And true, Budd was late delivering the cars, but the whole train was coupled up and ready for service that August.
    • When two cars are coupled together there is a two or three scale foot gap between the diaphragms.
    • The dual mode engine was backed onto our train, coupling up with the frontmost of the three coaches.
    • You simply unhook, turn the truck around and couple up again.
    • With her right of way clear, No. 823 reversed through the loop and then forward down the freight road to couple up to the errant coach.
    • This done, the brand-new C&O dynamometer car was coupled on, and the tests began in May 1929.
    • The faster journeys would be achieved by cutting the number of times that trains have to be coupled and decoupled, a job that can take precious minutes.
    • Larger terminals had their own steam plants to heat the trains prior to the locomotive coupling on.
  • 2

    to couple sth with sth
    • the fall in demand, coupled with competition from abroad el descenso de la demanda, unido a la competencia extranjera
    • But when consumer uncertainty is coupled with doubts about corporate profitability there is precious little consolation.
    • Honestly, I figured that meant coupling up, but wasn't sure.
    • But my current retreat is different because it is coupled with the denial of one of my favourite habits.
    • I was crying every day, I was calling in sick to work and I couldn't face meeting up with my friends who were all blissfully coupled up.
    • And eventually, they - surprise surprise - couple up, thus fulfilling the primary buddy-movie necessity, that at least one buddy is visibly heterosexual.
    • It is true that among our nation's founders, a firm belief in the marketplace was coupled with a belief in Providence.
    • People in an approximation of street dress (in other words, us) meet on the run and couple up for fleeting moments.
    • It was coupled with a request for $70 million to study and develop new types of nuclear weapons and to shorten the time it would take to test them.
    • The handsome teacher gets everyone coupled up, asks you to keep your upper bodies stiff and your hips loose, and puts on the first track.
    • The soaring burglary rate is coupled with a drug abuse epidemic that adds more violence to even the simplest of burglaries or muggings.
    • Why is everyone coupling up and heading off to get naked?
    • My prodigious (if I may humbly say so myself) drinking is coupled with insatiable eating.
    • I've been asking my friends and colleagues if they know the word - because there must be a word - to describe someone who simply does not make it a priority to couple up with other people.
    • Sure, I like having some of my set activities, but I also like to mix things up at times, and I have lots of friends that I see regularly, even the ones that are coupled up.
    • There were only like, seven people there, and they were all coupled up except me.
    • So, ultramodern technology is coupled with older modes of understanding.
    • Military power is not a panacea unless it is coupled with the soft skills of nation-building and, yes, global social work.
    • The arrival of autumn this year is coupled with the festival and tourist season and tourists have something to look forward to.
    • The ones who were single are all coupled up now and talking marriage, and the ones who were coupled up are married now and talking kids.
    • Its quartet of characters couple up on the Fourth of July, hoping for fireworks.
    • After getting dumped by her golf-pro boyfriend, she couples up with a nicer example of one of the enemy, a landscape architect.
    • If he has friends that are coupled up, become couple friends - you and one of the ladies might really hit it off.
    • In both cases, an intellectual commitment to liberty is coupled with quite extraordinary intolerance in practice.
    • My call for compulsory voting is coupled with a call for proportional representation.
    • A lot of the students there were coupled up and dancing close together, staring into each other's eyes or kissing.
    • If we're going to be a couple up at camp then we should at least get to know each other a bit better.
    • That measure is coupled with a decision to exclude the banks' cash holdings for reserve requirement purposes.
    • Hard-nosed deals are coupled with extraordinarily good staff relationships.
    • Aimed at singletons and those who are happily coupled up but want to meet new people, the night is a cross between speed-dating and a book club, aimed at those in their 20s to 40s.
    • So much is changing right now with Uni ending, my need to get a job, everyone leaving, everyone getting coupled up, I don't know how I'm going to manage.
    • The roots of jazz date back to around the 1890s when a blend of African music from the slaves on the plantations was coupled with European-American musical traditions.
    • They work in fixed teams, where know-how is coupled with team work to provide the best possible service.
    • Seeing all the happy people coupled up and ready to make it official only reminded her of her own situation.
    • If this fact is coupled with the so called honour code of no ‘grassing’ on anyone, it becomes a problem.
    • The frequent power cuts have also compounded the problems for them and when it is coupled with the steep hike in prices, people feel that they have been caught between devil and deep sea.
    • This time, though, it was coupled with incompetence.
    • This is due to the reason that the speed of the river is not very encouraging and when it is coupled with this phenomena, then it may lead to worse condition.
    • This utilitarian approach to law is coupled with a general lack of enforcement in the traditional system.

verbo intransitivo

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    • In the city of a million hovels, a million lovers coupled to the signs of the seasons.
    • When a courted female permits mating, the pair remain coupled, end to end, for many hours, even a day.
    • Then, when they coupled, he felt his very bones melting within his body.