Traducción de coupling en Español:


acoplamiento, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkəp(ə)lɪŋ//ˈkʌplɪŋ/


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    • 1.1Tecnología

      acoplamiento masculino
      • The report is expected to raise a question over a faulty coupling on a carriage, and the speed at which the train was travelling - believed to be 2mph over the speed limit.
      • The shaft continues towards the stern through couplings and bearings, before disappearing beneath some hull plates.
      • It houses the power couplings that transfer energy from the three main reactors to the different areas of the ship.
      • The uncoupled coupling swayed slightly back and forth on its slightly rusted hinge.
      • Metal from valves, couplings, and other machinery can contaminate solar cells as they are grown from molten silicon, cut into wafers, and finished by adding dopants and attaching contacts.
      • The Duplex would eliminate the pounding of the rails and poor riding qualities that came with coupling ten driving wheels to one transmission.
      • Each track is driven by a separate hydraulic circuit consisting of one variable-displacement piston pump connected by hose and couplings to a piston motor.
      • Slip on a washer and poke the threaded end of the coupling through the hole from the outside.
      • Facing large pieces of glass window, he could only use the steel couplings around the windows as his fulcrums.
      • He replaced the sheaves and pulleys with a direct coupling.
      • Edward followed and saw passing tracks under the coupling of the train.
      • The first thing she had to do was re-route a power coupling around a blown booster.
      • Deep in the ship's heart three small bombs went off, severing her main power couplings.
      • The company manufactures 27 different compression fittings for 15 and 22 mm couplings.
      • Steve merely shook his head, reaching forward across the train coupling and grasped the door, yanking hard on it and allowing it to slide off to the right.
      • In case of excess torque, the coupling safely slips without damaging the feedthrough.
      • This was often caused by high impacts from too fast couplings during switching whereby the car would jump up disturbing the packing.
      • Once I had the wall coupling in place, I proceeded to get the gasket on the exhaust.
      • The ability to withstand occasional stresses above the yield stress without fracturing is particularly desirable in parts such as freight-car couplings, gears, chains, and crane hooks.
      • The walls had been covered with dry wall, but power couplings still dangled from the ceiling where light fixtures would go.
      • Angela, for the first time since she set foot on the train, looked at the coupling between the cars.
      • The force was such that the train broke one of its couplings and split into two.
      • I put my camera pack in one, and we each perched on a coupling between cars, squaring down.
      • I confirmed the coupling and brake hose connection, and noted that the cables were not in place.
      • But the diesel kept going, because the hostler, not being a trainman, had never thought of trying the coupling.
      • The uses of medium carbon-manganese steels include shafts, axles, gears, crankshafts, couplings and forgings.
      • It consists of gray or black plastic tubing, joined with plastic couplings, and secured at the fittings with metal compression rings.
      • The train's couplings to the broken car detached, and the train sped forward.

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    apareamiento masculino
    • This is not to say that coupling is right for everyone: some people are happier alone, and we do them no service by pressuring them to pair off.
    • The same is often true of those coupling in semi-private places - such as the beach at night.
    • First, we are interested in the effect of diverse forms of coupling, including the distinction between marriage and cohabitation.
    • This capacity, when combined with coupling between peak sexual desire and peak fertility, ensures that sex effectively serves both reproductive and social ends.
    • We now turn to the question of the effect of these national differences in the forms of coupling and number of partners on sexual activity itself.
    • In both sexual union is easily followed by reproduction, and future heterosexual coupling is envisaged as fertile.
    • Nonetheless, his choreography, which often features a racially diverse cast, nudity, and same-sex coupling, is not always easily digested by Middle America.
    • The telling of our nation's history, however, has included few stories of interracial coupling founded on love or choice.
    • In fact, he added some passionate smooching - set not long after the men's initial coupling - that was in neither the short story nor the script.
    • Marriage and family theory has always privileged heterosexual coupling.
    • An early night allows for uninhibited intimate bodily coupling without worry of being overheard by a child.
    • Women continue to earn less than their male counterparts, making female coupling financially disadvantageous for many women.
    • It is not known how many lovers he had as he spoke in his memoirs of coupling with several partners.
    • The rejection of gay coupling is hardly an expression of family values.
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    (combination, linking)
    combinación femenino
    • Bell's brilliant coupling of sound waves and electrical pulsations had given rise to the telecommunications revolution.
    • Without this ideological coupling, our consumer behavior might spin wildly out of control.
    • This is only achieved by coupling great writing with great delivery.
    • Are photography and surrealism such an ‘unnatural coupling,’ as one observer has recently suggested?
    • The external device and the implant under the scalp come together by magnetic coupling.
    • It also reveals the mechanical coupling that exists between residues.
    • However, under normal conditions, the intimate coupling of behavioural rituals and sensory aspects of smoking with nicotine uptake gives ample opportunities for secondary conditioning.
    • Such studies are poised to yield a detailed picture of the coupling of protein dynamics to function.