Traducción de court en español:


tribunal, n.

Pronunciación: /kɔrt//kɔːt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(tribunal)

      tribunal masculino
      to appear in court comparecer ante el tribunal / los tribunales
      • I'll see you in court! ¡te voy a demandar!
      • to go to court acudir a los tribunales
      • to take sth to court llevar algo a los tribunales
      • to take sb to court demandar a algn
      • in open court en audiencia pública
      • the court is adjourned se levanta la sesión
      • the court will rise pónganse de pie
      • to laugh sb/sth out of court reírse de algn/algo
      • I'd be laughed out of court se reirían de mí
      • to rule sth out of court rechazar algo de plano
      • before noun court action acción judicial
      • court hearing vista
      • court official funcionaria del juzgado
      • court proceedings proceso
      • Wakefield magistrates' court was told he had no previous convictions.
      • In 1996, a federal district court ruled that such inequities do exist.
      • Whatever state supreme courts decide, their verdicts could not be appealed to a federal tribunal.
      • Anything you say can and will be used in court against you in the court of law.
      • The trial in the court of public opinion is no different than a trial in front of a jury in a court of law.
      • Acts done in the course of such operations are not justiciable and the courts of law cannot take cognizance of them.
      • The Supreme Court once again overturned the lower court's decision last year.
      • It is inherent in the proper conduct of judicial proceedings in a court of law.
      • The two cases of the supreme court heard today were cases in point.
      • And she, too, faces the prospect of incarceration after the court hearing.
      • Pupils and parents attended a high court hearing in April.
      • Even in a court of law the judge accepts my expert witness opinion without adulteration or hesitation, and you are not beyond the courts.
      • Mental health professionals are often called as expert witnesses in court proceedings with children.
      • It must be remembered that most criminals are convicted in our courts of law, by circumstantial evidence.
      • It cannot properly fulfil this dual function if it confines itself like a court of law to adjudicating on pleaded points.
      • In our courts of law when a judge employs a jury, he or she tells them to decide based on probability, based on the evidence presented.
      • By June this year, the Task Force had successfully commenced 17 criminal prosecutions in the courts of law with only three of the prosecuted cases falling through.
      • Many final decisions are made by court rulings, which further delays the process.
      • Hundreds of thousands of right-wing Orthodox attend rallies to protest the supreme court's decisions.
      • Therefore, the court of public opinion is more harsh in judgment than the court of law.
      • They're going to allow past cases to be brought into the court proceedings.
      • But, in any case, the court's jurisdiction will not be retrospective.

    • 1.2

      out of court
      • to settle out of court resolver una disputa extrajudicialmente
      • [as adjective] before noun [as modifier] an out-of-court settlement una transacción / un arreglo extrajudicial

    • 1.3(building)

      juzgado masculino
      • The body was found at a house in St Nicholas Court.
      • It was at this point it became apparent that the case was about to collapse - although the jury was not even in the court building.
      • More than 500 people have visited the hall during a series of open days and given their views on what the Grade II listed building and former courts should be used for.
      • Fed-up court officials refused to accept prisoners after they were brought to the court building late.
      • I met Catherine at the courts after lunch, both of us dreading the hours of grading and drills.
      • He parked his Honda in the Bridge Street car park, close to the court building, but a delay in the case slowed his return by more than an hour.
      • The company started out at Isabella Court in Pickering and Phylward House in Harrogate.
      • Scores of journalists, mainly Spanish and British, converged on the court building.
      • Ronnie was the first in the band to buy it and we listened to it over and over at his Earl's Court flat.
      • He also said that the security measures in the court buildings would be tightened.
      • In the escort service, the police's main role was to supervise the transfer of remand prisoners between police stations and courts.
      • Wiltshire County Council closed the courts building in the mid-1980s and sold it off to a local property development company, Davis and Dyke.
      • The three men thanked jurors individually as the 11 women and one man left the court building, then they went off to celebrate.
      • He was detained at Swindon's Sandalwood Court, a mental health hospital, for nearly two months.
      • Visits to police stations, jails, courts and offices of the Human Rights Commission and Women's Commission will be part of the functions.
      • He was asked about taking the police to Anstee Court the previous evening.
      • Eight are held in a new prison complex next to the court buildings.
      • The temperature in the rooms of the court building is usually set as low as 16 degrees Celsius.
      • A man who attacked a prison officer while in a court dock has been jailed for three months.
      • There would also be increased armed protection of possible targets, including barriers at government offices, courts and other sensitive buildings.
      • The teenager hid his face from the media when he was released from the back of the court building and taken away by police.
      • Police said a man suspected of trying to attack Burrell in the court building's foyer was arrested.
      • A man who tried to enter a court building with a knife may be sent to prison.
      • Following the announcement of the court's decision, violence erupted outside the court building.

  • 2

    • 2.1(of sovereign)

      corte femenino
      at court en la corte
      • the Court of St James la Corona Británica
      • to hold court recibir a la corte
      • he was holding court in the bar estaba en el pub rodeado de admiradores
      • to pay court to sb rendirle homenaje a algn
      • many young men paid court to her muchos jóvenes le hacían la corte
      • Red deer, along with various wildfowl and fish, were all important elements in the menus of the royal court of Henry VIII.
      • Winter passed swiftly in the court of Charlemagne, for there was never any lack of amusements.
      • The king had been surrounded by a hostile court, treated badly, and kept from exercising power.
      • The expansion of trade along the Thames, and the broadening power of the royal court led to a London property boom.
      • Leonardo clearly believed that wealth, patronage, and political power lay in the courts to the east of mainland Europe.
      • The re-established papacy soon transferred its court to the Vatican Palace.
      • The court and the royal entourage were the great centres of power.
      • The palace courts, whose rulers were in close contact with one another, played a critical role in military and diplomatic interactions.
      • The court surrounded and, to some extent, protected the ruler.
      • Chandu Shah, a Banker of Delhi, wielded a lot of influence at the Mughal court.
      • Europe was impressed by the splendours of the court of Versailles.
      • Bismarck rushed from Paris, where he represented Prussia at the court of Napoleon III.
      • He also continued his law career taking up residence at the courts of Mainz before 1670.
      • Though the aristocracy had been abolished by his father, Reza, the shah had reintroduced a court largely without titles.
      • The figure on the right is Jean de Dinteville, the French ambassador to the English court of Henry VIII.
      • They also transacted business for the imperial court and were awarded ranks and privileges.
      • There he stood, bowing politely like a grand Lord at the court of an Empress.
      • Delicacies such as kebabs and curries that were introduced to royal courts by the Moghuls have now been woven into the local cuisine.
      • He was a leading figure at the courts of Henry VII and Henry VIII.
      • A year later, just 25, he was sent to the Tsarist court as British Vice-Consul to Moscow.
      • Provincial life was left to the dominance of the ennobled office-holders of the sovereign courts.

    • 2.2(palace)

      palacio masculino

  • 3

    cancha femenino América Latina
    pista femenino España
    they've been on court for two hours llevan dos horas jugando
    • off court fuera de la cancha
  • 4

    patio masculino
  • 5Britanico

    zapato (de) salón masculino

verbo transitivo

  • 1anticuado

    cortejar anticuado
    hacerle la corte a anticuado
    she was being courted by a young officer un joven oficial la cortejaba / le hacía la corte
    • the party is courting the youth vote el partido está tratando de ganarse el voto joven
  • 2

    (danger/favor/fame) buscar
    (disaster) exponerse a
    he's courting death está tentando al destino

verbo intransitivo

  • 1anticuado

    estar de novios
    noviar América Latina coloquial
    pololear Chile coloquial
    they've been courting for a year now llevan ya un año de relaciones