Traducción de court order en Español:

court order

orden judicial, n.



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    orden judicial femenino
    • Late delivery of evidence, even in breach of a court order, might cause delay but a fair trial may still be possible.
    • For the landlord, release is obtained with the consent of the tenant or on a court order.
    • As in the first lawsuit, a court order prevents the plaintiffs' names from being made public.
    • The next question is how much, therefore, should the court order the defendant to pay by way of interim order.
    • It is arguable that the requirement of a court order for this is an unnecessary historical relic.
    • The bank also raised an issue of confidentiality and the need for a court order to release the information.
    • He said the city has to assemble all their men and equipment in case a court order of negligence is issued.
    • I would assume that they'd only respond to a court order signed by a judge.
    • The controversy started years ago, but a court order was finally issued in November of last year.
    • To do that a court order would have been required and officers didn't think one was necessary.
    • On or after next Tuesday, the requirement for a court order is abolished.
    • Generally a court order is required after one-third of the vehicle has been paid for.
    • A court order has been issued to recover the children who should be in the custody of their mother.
    • The only exception to that proposition is where the court order itself only orders the person concerned to do his best.
    • We confidently expect to secure a court order to evict the travellers by the end of next week.
    • Civil contempt at common law consists largely in disobeying a judgment or a court order.
    • Counsel may also consent to a court order extending the coverage period, if necessary.
    • The Applicant has been told that he requires a court order in order to have his cheques returned to him.
    • I had absolutely no intention whatsoever of contravening a court order or any American law.
    • A period of detention will in principle be lawful if it is carried out pursuant to a court order.