Traducción de cover note en Español:

cover note

certificado provisional (de seguro), n.



  • 1

    certificado provisional (de seguro) masculino
    nota de cobertura femenino
    • The text of the cover note showed that the policy wording was at that time still to be agreed.
    • In the cover note it is not indicated that the amount is fixed and therefore not subject to revision.
    • In this case it also ignores the fact that the insurance slip and reinsurance cover notes also contained the Stabler Wording.
    • Reinsurance cover notes had not been supplied to the back office at Brighton.
    • You'll need to show them a valid insurance cover note for the car and the car's up to date certificate.
    • A cover note was issued at 4.30 on 9 October 1986 to last until midday 10 October 1986.
    • The agent had, by an altogether separate fraud, issued cover notes in respect of non-existent policies.
    • It was the first to introduce the system whereby a customer can view a car, pay for it, and drive it home with a seven-day insurance cover note.
    • The authority had received reports of fraudulent motor cover notes issued to foreigners at borders by unlicenced insurance agents.
    • The terms of the Reinsurance are evidenced by the cover note.
    • Kia is also giving the first seven days' insurance for free, so first-time buyers don't have to organise one of those troublesome temporary cover notes.