Traducción de coverlet en Español:


cobertor, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkʌvəlɪt//ˈkəvərlət/


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    cobertor masculino
    • In colonial America, quilted coverlets were imported from Europe.
    • A couple of fancy shirts, several pair of dress trousers, and other garments were neatly spread out on the eiderdown coverlet.
    • The coverlet was thrown back on the bed, and lying on it, was his wife.
    • Cream silk sheets, blue coverlets and indigo sham had been turned down by some conscientious soul.
    • She had taken the top coverlet and simply thrown it into the big trashcan, the mouse wrapped tightly within it.
    • All hospitals have got sheets and coverlets.
    • The prince threw back the heavy coverlets with some difficultly and began hunting through his closet.
    • Wash it and dry it so that later washings, once the quilt is finished and used, won't shrink your coverlet out of shape.
    • So I snuggled down under the coverlet without shame or regret.
    • Robert set aside the plush coverlet, moving again to help her fold the blankets.
    • She layered on a few more coverlets, hoping to sweat out the fever.
    • Looking back she saw Gaelic's blue eyes glowing a sheen of green from amongst the mounds of blankets and coverlets.
    • He rested her head on her pillow and pulled her butterfly coverlet over her.
    • There was a slight movement and a pale hand moved on the coverlet.
    • My bed is perfect, complete with smotheringly huge pillows and a wolf coverlet.
    • Some of the furniture used by the couple, complete with cushions, mattresses and coverlets, is on display.
    • The impact of color in your bedroom should reflect the overall design concept of your duvet covers, sheets, coverlets, and rugs.
    • This section of the exhibition includes ornately decorated painted furniture, pottery, woven coverlets and quilts.
    • Before getting up she pulled the thin coverlet, on the bottom of many layers of bedding, to throw it over her shoulders.
    • If you enjoy quilting, don't settle for a simple coverlet for the guest room.