Traducción de cowardly en Español:


cobarde, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkaʊərdli//ˈkaʊədli/


  • 1

    • We are all courageous and cowardly, depending on the hour and the day.
    • Making unfounded claims in a public forum - a press conference no less - are the actions of a very weak and cowardly man.
    • They think we are weak, cowardly people who will be intimidated and scared off by their mistreatment of our prisoners.
    • They are dull, slow, sober and fearful characters with a weak pulse and a cowardly, slothful disposition.
    • His neighbors are too small, too weak, too cowardly, or too troubled to take care of him themselves.
    • As it happens this war is being fought in a rather cowardly manner.
    • Were the librarians who filed the complaint responsible and courageous, or cowardly and unprofessional?
    • I'd never felt so cowardly before in my life until that moment.
    • There is more foolishness, more cowardly hearts, less courage, lack of appreciation and gratitude and less politeness.
    • A timid or cowardly person would never take that leap.
    • Sure she knew he loved her, but he was too cowardly to admit it.
    • She was apparently on a vain quest to appeal to the man that he once was, trying to beg his soft, weak, cowardly side for mercy.
    • I also, typically, want to be a good person, to be courageous rather than cowardly, fair rather than unjust, and the like.
    • The more cowardly completely lost courage, but the more able and subtle did not think it necessary to give up.
    • A strange country where the military lost their power but none of the cowardly politicians had the courage to tell them.
    • Kay has left Benjamin before because he's weak and cowardly.
    • The Prime Minister was too cowardly to visit the chamber while rebels wrecked his legislation.
    • And the higher up you get in education the more cowardly you become.
    • Finally, irritated with myself for being so cowardly to turn away, I looked back into his eyes.