Traducción de coworker en Español:


colega, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkoʊˌwərkər//kəʊˈwəːkə/



  • 1

    (workmate) colega femenino
    (workmate) compañero de trabajo masculino
    (workmate) compañera de trabajo femenino
    (collaborator) colaborador masculino
    (collaborator) colaboradora femenino
    • A few of my co-workers are planning to go to the store during lunch on opening day.
    • Let us suppose you have some confidential information that you need to share with a co-worker.
    • His commitment to the company and his co-workers is unquestioned, and above all, he fits into the group.
    • It had cost her several longstanding friendships and had alienated co-workers.
    • One of my co-workers still calls me the wrong name almost every time he sees me.
    • The best part of the quiz is that you can send it to your co-workers and friends and find out how they rank as well.
    • Until the day he was injured, he says he was welcomed on the job by his co-workers and his company.
    • My family knows this, my friends know this, and some of my co-workers know this.
    • It's always fun to play some tricks on fellow friends, co-workers, and family members.
    • Not only did he get a bumper pay-rise, but he got a huge cash payout because his co-workers were discriminated against.
    • Soon it was time to see how audiences not made up of friends and co-workers would react to the band.
    • She will also be sadly missed by all her cousins, aunts, uncles and many dear friends and co-workers.