Traducción de cowpuncher en Español:


vaquero, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkaʊˌpən(t)ʃər//ˈkaʊpʌntʃə/



  • 1

    vaquero masculino
    cowboy masculino
    • But I think it was worth it, such a wonderful experience, sitting around a big table with all these old ranchers and cowpunchers.
    • He thought it would be a good thing to take a whole lot of books for the cowpunchers ' enjoyment.
    • The rest of the cowpunchers begin to sing to the accompaniment of a single fiddle played by an elderly man.
    • Funny, the same seems to apply to today's cowpunchers also.
    • It embodies all my ideas of what such a gun should be for the cowpuncher, hunter, or old hillbilly.
    • Most often the cowpuncher's rifles were carried in the chuck wagon.
    • The film begins with cowpuncher asking his younger buddy the meaning of life.
    • It was a place for the many cowpunchers, panhandlers, and sodbusters to come in and enjoy themselves.
    • The cowpuncher pointed a finger towards the Grayson First National.
    • An ashamed 14-year-old admits he's from Brooklyn, hardly the capitol of cowpunchers.
    • Shrinking in size as they swagger into the distance, they are no longer armed cowpunchers.