Traducción de crackdown en Español:


ofensiva, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkrækˌdaʊn//ˈkrakdaʊn/


  • 1

    ofensiva femenino
    campaña femenino
    medidas enérgicas femenino
    crackdown on sth/sb ofensiva / campaña contra algo/algn
    • The Conservatives want a crackdown on the early release of violent offenders.
    • That is, we might be victims of the ongoing crackdown soon anyway, so might as well start fighting now.
    • It says improved public transport would be needed in areas hardest hit by the crackdown.
    • It's the start of the biggest crackdown on crime West Yorkshire has ever seen.
    • As a result of the crackdown, Japan and other major nations halted aid to the country.
    • Police are hailing raids as part of a national crackdown on illegal drugs a success.
    • In the meantime, it is unlikely that this action signals the start of a crackdown on Irish spammers.
    • Walsh said that the rise could be attributed in part to a Garda crackdown on juvenile antisocial behaviour.
    • Police have issued their first fines as part of a crackdown on illegal parking in Accrington.
    • As a means of combating such fecklessness, however, the crackdown is worse than useless.
    • UK police today launched a crackdown on the sale of illegal weapons over the Internet.
    • On the surface it simply appears to be a case of a crackdown on antisocial behaviour.
    • So it was cruel of York police to choose this week to announce a major crackdown on illegal driving.
    • Police in Bradford on Avon have warned motorists they are planning a crackdown on illegal parking.
    • Now agents could be taken to court in a crackdown by Trading Standards officers in Manchester.
    • Besides advocating a crackdown he is also proposing affirmative action to help young people.
    • There is violence regularly, although a recent crackdown on knives has helped.
    • He said a crackdown on illegal minicabs is underway and this should help attract more black cabs.
    • The Government has announced a crackdown on abandoned cars and licence cheats.
    • A crackdown on illegal parking has been launched after a tip-off from a concerned resident.