Traducción de cracker en Español:


cracker, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkrakə//ˈkrækər/


  • 1

    cracker femenino
    (salada) galleta femenino
    • He brought the wine. I organised the cheese and crackers.
    • But cheaper tickets and wrestlers hawking rice crackers won't be enough to rescue sumo.
    • Then I went back in to the store and bought cheese and crackers on sale.
    • Give your child whole-grain crackers with soups, chili, and stew.
    • Also, some bakeries make flats and crackers from rice and millet.
    • Then I stared at the computer screen and ate rice crackers.
    • After school I went home with a sulk, Kirara was relaxed at the couch watching TV while eating rice crackers.
    • Prawn rice crackers and anchovy-like dried fish chips are the sails.
    • We went to Kevin's place to eat some rice crackers and practice for their dance.
    • Luke humorously questions Annie as he puts a cheese cracker into his mouth.
    • Each would make a creamy, rich covering for your whole-grain cracker.
    • First of all, graham crackers are not allowed.
    • There's cheese and crackers for those who still have wine left to finish.
    • Consequently, he's mainly a sweet potato and rice cracker kind of guy.
    • It was a good night of chatter and red wine with crackers and cheese.
    • She pulled out some more crackers and peanut butter and sat down to eat.
    • Elaine put the last animal cracker in her mouth and chewed dismally.
    • Quite some time back I was snacking and found the perfect rice cracker.
    • Yesterday I had the remains of a lemon meringue and a packet of prawn crackers.
    • Sensible shoes, diapers and animal crackers are just the tip of the iceberg.
    • They were learning to use the chopsticks, and everyone tried the noodles and prawn crackers.
    • I ripped the package open and shoved a cracker into my mouth, whole.
    • Over cups and cups of green tea and bowlfuls of rice crackers, we chat in his kitchen well into the afternoon.
    • You come all this way and they didn't have any prawn crackers.
    • Another idea is to eat whole-grain crackers with fat-free block cheese.
    • Spread smoked salmon and low-fat cream cheese on whole wheat crackers or pith rounds and top with fresh dill.
    • This neighbour boy eats sweet potato and rice crackers.
    • With perfect wheels of cheese and crackers before me, I misted up a bit.
    • Read your ingredients carefully; even rice crackers can contain brown rice syrup.
    • Japanese food markets, where you'll find low-fat savory rice crackers and low-fat roasted green peas.
    • He settled for a pack of cheese crackers with peanut butter inside.
    • Seaweed is commonly eaten by the Japanese in a variety of snack foods, including tiny crisp rice crackers.
    • She grabbed a few crackers and cream cheese, grabbed her backpack, and hiked upstairs to start.
    • Sora thought tiredly, as he grabbed a rice cracker from the plate filled with the low-fat snacks set nearby.
    • They start to cook turnips and eat graham crackers, as they wait for their mother to come home.
    • They threw back local smoked mussels served on crisp rice crackers with mayonnaise.
    • In fact, the peanut butter cracker I left for him is still there.
    • I'm currently eating BBQ rice crackers with salsa and sour cream.
    • Cheese is usually too strong; bread or dry, savoury crackers are generally preferred by professionals.
  • 2firecracker

    • 2.1

      petardo masculino

    • 2.2British

      (que estalla al abrirla) sorpresa femenino

  • 3Britanico coloquial, anticuado

    (good-looking person)
    pimpollo masculino coloquial
    churro masculino América del Sur coloquial
  • 4

    cracker femenino
    • How long before the crackers intrude upon this cosy intimacy?
    • Computer crackers might exploit this behaviour to inject malicious code into vulnerable systems.
    • Sure, no electronic voting system is yet safe enough to withstand computer crackers.
    • Forget about Internet crackers, employees are the biggest security problem for most businesses.
    • In such a case a cracker's actions are obvious: he suppresses the anti-debugging tricks and dumps the unpacked and decrypted application code.
    • The case studies are in-depth descriptions of how three crackers have broken into computers.
    • Nor is there any evidence of crackers scanning the Internet in search of vulnerable machines.
    • Now that you're here we have an advantage we never had before, a computer cracker!
    • Computer crackers have obtained details of up to five million US Visa and MasterCard accounts, the two firms admitted yesterday.
    • Aladdin makes software that protects corporations and their data from attack by computer crackers.
    • The user still connects to the Internet, but through the cracker's system.
    • On infected machines, it opens a back door that allows a cracker to control the computer using IRC.
    • Harris believes this modest improvement might lead crackers into targeting computers of home users rather than businesses.
    • I said computer crackers were going to cause some serious damage and predicted they'd try blackmail.
    • Computer crackers have obtained access to computer systems codes used in America's space program.
    • Eight million credit cards were exposed to a cracker or crackers this week resulting in huge potential for fraud.
    • It far from the first time crackers have broken into the web servers of software developers.
    • Although I doubt crackers are attempting to break into your PC as you read this, there's always the possibility.
    • But sometimes your personal data is loaned out to third parties, and that's the weak spot where crackers are able to break in.
    • It fears that any information would give vital clues to criminal crackers about how to exploit unpatched systems.