Traducción de craft en Español:


oficio, n.

Pronunciación /krɑːft//kræft/


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    • 1.1

      (trade) oficio masculino
      (skill) arte masculino
      (exhibition) (before noun) de artesanía(s)
      he showed his craft as an actor demostró tener mucho oficio como actor
      • Clearly she had honed her craft before publishing the books that made her famous.
      • There is also a lack of understanding of how long it takes to master the craft.
      • Commercials used to be a great training school for production people learning their craft and this has now disappeared entirely.
      • Your professional wisdom and craft are appreciated and fresh opportunities in your field of activity are made available to you.
      • Along with the craft one should master the science and grammar of dance.
      • They've honed their craft and can easily create any atmosphere they like.
      • But editing isn't about revenge; it's about honing a craft.
      • It places the emphasis on crafts and skills rather than superficial qualifications.
      • They seem to have the crafts and skills which have been disappearing in Britain.
      • Adventurers and warriors generally had three ways to learn their crafts and skills.

    • 1.2crafts plural

      artesanía femenino
      the local crafts la artesanía local
      • Most traditional crafts use local natural materials.
      • These old edifices camouflage well-stocked shops that carry crafts, jewellery, trinkets, carrots, clocks, wants and necessities.
      • Traditional handmade crafts were not only useful but also decorative, with colorful and intricate designs.
      • It would include a carnival procession, medieval banquet, bands, an ox roasting and a traditional fair with crafts.
      • Project Seahorse has helped communities sell local crafts to a wider market, often through aquariums.
      • It is expected that some well known craftsmen will display their crafts at the fair.
      • The square attracts many people and there are lots of local people selling their crafts.
      • ‘It helps artists sell their crafts to foreigners,’ she said.
      • It was organised by North Yorkshire County Council to celebrate the very best in local foods and crafts.
      • This is the place to see a wide range of beautiful local crafts and it is a must for avid shoppers.
      • I caught the bus to historic Scottsdale, which has more than 100 shops and boutiques, selling Indian jewellery and crafts.
      • With over 25 stands displaying their beautiful range of exquisite handmade crafts, the fair is sure to attract a large gathering
      • Photograph and take home handmade local crafts.
      • It will feature two floors of galleries as well as a shop on the ground floor selling gifts and crafts.
      • They feature the hand-made crafts of local artisans.
      • We have to look to provide extra services, and this display of local gifts and crafts has certainly been welcomed by our customers.
      • More than 20 stalls will be selling a wide variety of local crafts including artwork, woodcarvings and food.
      • It sells high-quality, handmade crafts like carved coconut boxes and hand-painted sushi bowls in the U.S., Europe and Japan.
      • The market, which sells local crafts, is worth a visit.
      • The festival will showcase food and crafts from around 100 local producers.

  • 2literario

    (guile, deceit)
    artimañas femenino
    to do sth by craft hacer algo con artimañas
    • Jonson allows the head male character to be exceedingly great at his craft of deception.
    • He is practicing the ancient craft of equivocation, a trade plied by oracles thousands of years ago.
    • She has done this for so long that she has gotten good at it, perfected her craft of deceiving people.
  • 3plural craft

    • 3.1Marina

      embarcación femenino
      • Waiting for the ships to arrive were groups of US sailors who had flown into Sydney to join their respective craft.
      • At 10.30 am they dashed into the boat, and Anthony and his oarsmen pulled the craft out into the surf.
      • In three minutes he was off the ship in his own craft to deliver another negative report to his superiors.
      • His wife's screams alerted crew members, who stopped the 763-ton ferry and launched its rescue craft.
      • Waterborne commerce, vital to any archipelago, was conducted in crude sailing craft.
      • Under the act, an age restriction regulation applies to the operator of jet skis and other pleasure craft.
      • Traffic on the River Ouse consists almost entirely of pleasure craft these days.
      • Thousands of landing craft were built to land armies in Normandy and on Pacific islands.
      • And then there are sailboats and power boats disguised as pleasure craft or fishing vessels.
      • The route that Columbus took is a route, which was feasible for a sailing craft, such as of the Viking type, much earlier.
      • These craft run the gamut from sleek international racing yachts to historic workboats.
      • In the dawn light, Byron yawned and walked towards the stern where Hurio was steering the small fishing craft.
      • The fast attack craft has a steel hull and aluminium superstructure.
      • Floating flak jackets were developed for the crews of the US Navy's inshore patrol craft.
      • There was a heave, then a thud that signified that the craft had beached.
      • The only way to get the large swine into the boat without capsizing the craft was to build a makeshift floating ramp on the spot.
      • The Navy vessel located the pleasure craft and stood by her until the local lifeboat arrived to take the stricken vessel in tow.
      • Existing requirements governing mechanically propelled pleasure craft introduced in 2001 have been incorporated into the new regulations.
      • The craft will join a flotilla of Royal Navy ships and nearly one-quarter of the British Army.
      • The patrol boat towed the craft to deep water where it was cleared of environmentally unfriendly products and then set adrift.

    • 3.2Aviación Industria aeroespacial

      nave femenino
      • During the test, the craft became airborne and Don decided to take the Flying Wing for a circuit.
      • The craft is a biplane flying boat that is thought to have been designed and built immediately after the Great War.
      • The craft could continue orbiting the planet for as long as 15 years.
      • Even in the last scene when he boards the alien craft there is no final meaning given.
      • Design went ahead rapidly since the new aircraft was basically a higher powered refinement of the first craft.
      • The craft will now lift off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on 9 November.
      • For example, look at the solar panels mounted on the craft's service module and on its orbital module.
      • A year earlier, she had set an altitude record in the same craft which was a small Avro Avian biplane.
      • One thought the ambulance that came to get him was an alien space craft.
      • The vessel served as the Kirkwall Airport rescue craft until it was replaced last year.
      • Within a few seconds, she flew the craft out of the starship.
      • She handed it to Cary who gazed questioningly at the picture which vaguely resembled a landing space craft.
      • The Rangers ran to the rescue craft before getting the all-clear to depart.
      • Before I got 5264, the craft had participated in aviation history.
      • Before this test program, the system had primarily been used on fighter air craft.
      • The hatch between the craft and the Space Station will be opened about 90 minutes later.
      • The points of light were most likely fighter craft being launched from their hangars to intercept the Mobius.
      • The door slides shut just behind me, the craft lifting off a moment later.
      • Now calling all passengers to board the shuttle craft immediately.
      • The craft was registered to the Vega Aircraft Corporation with the designation Special Ventura 37.

verbo transitivo

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    a well-crafted novel una novela escrita con oficio / bien construida
    • the carving is beautifully crafted la talla es de bella factura / está bellamente trabajada
    • They were crafted from wagon spring steel, one of the few sources of steel available to blacksmiths in 1863.
    • Ben has received rave reviews in the music press thanks to his beautifully crafted songs and superb voice.
    • Consider that these arrows are crafted from the wood of these very trees.
    • Custom furniture is unique and also crafted with care and with an attention to detail.
    • We help clients with the demands of crafting their future direction.
    • Even the person who is crafting the design is constantly making conscious plans and decisions.
    • He has put out a finely crafted piece of work.
    • Move your listeners and express yourself more effectively by crafting your songs the way hit writers do.
    • All three of these guys are veterans, each adept at crafting perfect solos with formulae tried by time.
    • However, even great powers have difficulty crafting different policies at the same time.
    • She has lovingly crafted this album using all her talents, lifelong influences and delicate taste.
    • Adams turned a necessary support column into a sculptural element crafted from polished wood.
    • Makers created presentation models crafted from expensive woods with carved elements and inlays of mother-of-pearl or ivory.
    • So far, they've had a very well crafted policy of confronting radicalism on all fronts.
    • He knows a thing or two about crafting believable dialogue, even in the most unimaginable circumstances.
    • Every song here is tuneful, with a carefully crafted melody and production style.
    • Crafted from the highest-quality spring steel I had, these shoes will compliment any office cube or trophy case.
    • He was extremely gifted in crafting metals and his skills were much needed.
    • Still, they take pride in crafting what are essentially big-budget shorts.
    • Yet his eyes lighted up when he saw the exquisitely crafted scarf.