Traducción de cramped en Español:


apretado, adj.

Pronunciación /kræm(p)t//krampt/


  • 1

    (handwriting) apretado
    I'm cramped (for space) tengo poco sitio / lugar
    • they work in cramped conditions están muy estrechos en el trabajo
    • we were a bit cramped in the car íbamos algo apretujados / apretados en el coche
    • The letters were carved in a cramped scrawl, moonlight etching the crevices and staining the shadows silver.
    • I had come to know his cramped handwriting and his gift for pithy analysis.
    • Her eyes sped across the paper, taking in every letter of her cramped penmanship.
    • The printing was hurried and the cramped letters ran together as if Alec had been in a great hurry to get them on paper.
    • The location and dates were penned in a cramped, childish script.
    • However, the lettering appeared too small and too cramped to read on almost any normal-sized TV.
    • These do not appear on the Rochdale posters on this occasion so that information is not cramped.
    • The lettering is cramped and pushed so far to the right that it runs off the paper onto the board behind.
    • I mumble, trying to read Ian Anwar's cramped handwriting.
    • Usually this ends up being a cramped, scribbled list, and hard to understand.
    • She wrote, not in her usual flowing script, but in Doyle's somewhat cramped print.
    • I heard the front door and looked up from the papers spread out on the desk, my cramped handwriting covering just about every square inch.