Traducción de credibility gap en Español:

credibility gap

margen de credibilidad, n.


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    margen de credibilidad masculino
    • This is where the credibility gap widens enormously.
    • ‘This creates something of a credibility gap,’ he said.
    • The disconnect between the administration's rhetoric and the reality there on the ground has opened not just a credibility gap but a creditability chasm.
    • I would also say that there is a growing credibility gap between what is said and what is being done.
    • The Europeans must also close the credibility gap.
    • There is a huge credibility gap in the argument for war.
    • These two are good enough that there are times when their performances bridge the credibility gap created by the script.
    • The clumsiness of this campaign meant it plummeted into a bottomless credibility gap, and those behind it wasted their money.
    • Leading high street banks face a massive credibility gap over the next few weeks as directors queue up to present news of bulging profits.
    • As for enterprises, dishonesty only brings about a credibility gap, which greatly increases transaction costs and ultimately deters further development.
    • There is a huge credibility gap between what is agreed and what actually gets implemented in rectifying the global balance of commerce.
    • It is gradually opening up the credibility gap between what it says about the economy to the business community, and what it actually does.
    • The widening space between concept and reality has become a credibility gap it's getting harder and harder to cross.
    • This will have serious long term pay offs and close the credibility gap.
    • This concept of the play is immediately appealing, but it is not long into the production before the audience is called upon to bridge a major credibility gap.
    • The gulf between the two has created an enormous credibility gap.
    • In some cases, signs of a credibility gap are so severe that they ooze from companies' financial statements - and translate into plummeting stock prices.
    • When you start cutting deals, that's when you slow down rights and put yourself in a credibility gap.
    • The credibility gap these days is as wide as the Forth, and just as deep.
    • ‘There's a credibility gap between what companies claim to be doing, and what they're actually doing,’ says Forrester's Orlov.