Traducción de crepuscular en Español:


crepuscular, adj.

Pronunciación /krɪˈpʌskjʊlə//krəˈpəskjələr//krɛˈpʌskjʊlə/



  • 1

    • It felt good to stretch my legs walking up the hill and the flowers were glorious in the crepuscular light.
    • Back in the crepuscular gloom of my Tyneside flat, the result seemed satisfactory.
    • Deskbound in the yellow room during the crepuscular hour, I'm typing scientific syntax, window flung open.
    • It's a well-worn dichotomy, but the song's gently strummed guitar and the high, wending melody that draws nearer, moving like mysterious lights in the crepuscular sky, invest it with new promise.
    • Darkness breeds silence, and this show basks in crepuscular gloom.
    • The last three miles go fast, and the canyon opens up to a crepuscular dome of sky.