Traducción de crimson en Español:


carmesí, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkrɪmz(ə)n//ˈkrɪmzən/


  • 1

    carmesí masculino


  • 1

    (rose/dress/lipstick) (invariable adjective) carmesí
    to turn / flush crimson ponerse colorado / rojo

verbo intransitivo


  • 1

    (face) ruborizarse
    (sky) teñirse de rojo literario
    • Realizing she still had the silk robe on, her cheeks crimsoned again and she stripped it off.
    • His face was crimsoned and he was breathing heavily.
    • Jake smiles while his cheeks crimson at the touch of the young lady.
    • Sierra crimsoned and picked up a bigger box on the next shelf.
    • No matter how she blushed or crimsoned, most people who gathered at the Fine Arts Hall seemed to have enjoyed the judge's faux pas.
    • ‘Oh, they say everyone has,’ she says, crimsoning.
    • David says this, crimsoning as he realizes he had not saved Viridian's life yet.
    • Her face crimsoning with fury, Isabella suddenly turned away from her friend and quickened her pace down the road.
    • She gives a side-glance at her bonded, crimsoning slightly.
    • David nods, crimsoning at his mistake and finishes washing the infant.
    • David catches her quick side-glance at him and feels himself crimsoning.
    • ‘You disgust me,’ Caleb retorted, his face further crimsoning.