Traducción de cringeworthy en Español:


para morirse de vergüenza, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkrɪn(d)ʒˌwərði//ˈkrɪndʒwəːði/



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    para morirse de vergüenza
    para morirse de pena Cono Sur América Latina
    • The rehearsal scenes saw him perform the obligatory and cringeworthy tortured-genius-kicks-chair-over routine.
    • Sometimes he can come up with a good quip on the spot, but other than that, he is pretty cringeworthy.
    • I'm afraid it sounds pretty cringeworthy to me.
    • Makes for some tacky, cringeworthy, infomercial-like television.
    • Sometimes even the best writers commit to paper intimate thoughts that are cringeworthy when reread.
    • I'm fortunate in never having worked with anyone who talks at length about their sex life. People I know have had colleagues like that, and it is truly cringeworthy.
    • But cringeworthy campaigns such as this aren't going to convince anyone to pick up the phone and seek out further information.
    • He's SO cringeworthy, he's surpassed the point that defines comedy.
    • Thankfully, there is now a reasonable story line, though the mythical names are ridiculous and the dialogue is cringeworthy.
    • It was cringeworthy football, played almost entirely in the middle third of the pitch and the only good point is that the fans will have easily erased the first half from their memory, because there wasn't anything to remember.
    • Sure, the title is cringeworthy and the bonus comic-book insert, while a cool idea, isn't too impressive either.
    • There were so many cringeworthy moments in this vomit-fest.
    • I am sure you can guess the verdict; jaw-dropping effects and cringeworthy dialogue.
    • She is, for lack of a better word, cringeworthy.
    • Most of his ‘jokes’ were so cringeworthy that they made all the insects in my house curl up into tight little balls and die.
    • Is there anything more cringeworthy than a series of unfunny childhood anecdotes and blatant sexual references strung together in a monotone drawl?
    • And as long as you can assure me that you won't be contributing to the already over-subscribed and utterly cringeworthy canon of ‘chick-lit’, I wish you the best of luck.
    • At times, her pained face is so pathetic and real, it's cringeworthy.
    • The performance was at times mildly amusing, at times cringeworthy and on one occasion convincing.
    • Most of the writing is cringeworthy, dull to read, lacking in direction and possesses little or no identity.