Traducción de cropper en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈkrɒpə//ˈkrɑpər/



  • 1

    a good cropper una planta de buen rendimiento
    • an early cropper una planta que da frutos temprano
  • 2

    trabajador agrícola masculino
    trabajadora agrícola femenino
    • The authors protest the exploitation of croppers in general and white croppers in particular.
    • Their analogy between slavery and sharecropping provides a specialized instance of the objectification of croppers in the book.
    • Concentrating on catalogues of objects such as houses, clothing, household furnishings, and food helped the authors make visible the invisible economic system that oppressed the croppers.
    • Representing croppers who aspired to the middle class (whether accurate or not) was essential to the sentimentalism of the documentary form.
    • They complete the transformation of croppers into objects by casting them as ‘slaves’ in need of ‘emancipation.’
    • The vast gulf in experience between readers and subjects made identifying with the croppers virtually impossible.
    • Census data shows that more croppers were black than white, but economic and agricultural conditions in the Depression caused a great many white farmers to become tenants or croppers.
    • While the rate of white tenancy increased in the period covered, black croppers still outnumbered white.
    • Instead of identification with the croppers based on common humanity, identification occurs between readers and authors through the shared experience of failure.
    • I also got the trade of the farmers, the croppers and the hands from the outlying country.
    • Instead of work allowing the cropper to consume, the work consumes the cropper.