Traducción de crucify en Español:


crucificar, v.

Pronunciación /ˈkruːsɪfʌɪ//ˈkrusəˌfaɪ/

verbo transitivocrucified

  • 1

    • Previous excavations undertaken at the site have uncovered a Roman coin, a Viking comb and clay moulds which were used for making pilgrims' badges out of lead in the shape of St Andrew crucified on the cross.
    • Now it is well known, both from remains of victims of crucifixion and from cadaver experiments, that people were not crucified with nails through the palms.
    • Christian tradition records that Andrew was crucified on an x-shaped cross.
    • As Jesus was being crucified alongside two thieves, one mocked him, but the other asked Jesus to remember him when he came into his kingdom.
    • Some may think that Jesus' allusion to picking up our cross daily is an anachronism since he had not yet been crucified, but the cross was already well-known to the Jews as a hated Roman instrument of execution.
  • 2coloquial

    (treat severely)
    they were crucified in the press la prensa los destrozó
    • if my father found out, he'd crucify me si se enterara mi padre, me mataría
    • the other team crucified us los del otro equipo nos dieron una paliza
    • Critics who have crucified his contemporaries for less are indulging his failings to a ludicrous degree.
    • Three months ago, after two embarrassing home losses, club president Franz Beckenbauer crucified the players in public, suggesting they could come and see him for ‘extra lessons in winning’.
    • Critical feedback isn't some vicious plot concocted to crucify you - it can be used constructively.
    • You've had your say here for months, and you've crucified my son on national media.
    • Lest I be crucified by fans of the series, I get why his character is that way.
    • He is being accused of rewriting history under a star-spangled banner and the British press is crucifying him for it.
    • I didn't have the courage to take them to task on national television particularly since they have the microphone and they have 3 hours every morning, five days a week until the election to crucify me if that is their wish.
    • The football player was crucified by both press and fans, and an all-too-lengthy methodical hate campaign began for the country's new Public Enemy No.1.
    • I don't think isolated little incidents from 30 years ago should be suddenly dragged out and used to crucify people.
    • In my first year here, he was crucified when he refused to listen to any kind of criticism in the discussion.
    • In a major performance in 1983 in a prominent American city, the critic reviewing the concert crucified the entire recital.
    • I thought this was so lame because if, first of all, if the groom had done this, we would be crucifying him.
    • But the woman, she was the one who was put up on the cross and crucified today on talk radio.
    • I learnt that I had been vilified, crucified, and made to look like an imbecile.
    • He was crucifying people who were recently widowed in a most horrific way, people who were still in the grips of devastation.