Traducción de crude en Español:


ordinario, adj.

Pronunciación /kruːd//krud/

adjetivocrudest, cruder

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    (gesture/word/joke) ordinario
    (word/gesture/joke) grosero
    • Most of what they said to me I blocked, but I do remember they made very crude sexual advances towards me.
    • With no women there to keep us civilized and on our best behavior, I suspect that bodily noises and crude jokes will also be involved.
    • The joke was deliberately crude, but perhaps I just had trouble conveying that.
    • I think it unlikely that any of these men would think it acceptable if other men were to make crude sexual comments about their sisters or daughters.
    • Like most ‘metal’ bands, critics have found them shrill, crude, and offensive.
    • She vaguely remembered him from a childhood television program, which made his crude jokes especially shocking.
    • Rude, crude and lewd, there's something here to offend everyone, from Royalists to dog owners.
    • It's a joy to be in the hands of film-makers who intuitively know the difference between rude and crude, who know that horny and heartfelt can exist in tandem and that jokes about race and sexuality are not the same as racism and homophobia.
    • Broad, rude, crude and offensive were just a few of the criticisms levelled at this scatological sitcom, but the show had the perfect response to such highbrow jibes: ratings.
    • It's offensive, it's crude, it's hilarious and it's one of the best films of the year.
    • He used to be bitter, and bizarre, and remarkably offensive and crude.
    • I have spoken to him perhaps six times and every time, he has said something crude or offensive.
    • I apologize for starting a column about an important health issue with such a crude joke.
    • They're entertaining for the most part, with plenty of tales of real-life adventure, foul language, crude jokes, technical detail and daring.
    • Not that I'm not in favour of a crude joke or a dirty joke but only if it's a really clever funny one.
    • How do we know he didn't say something crude or rude or vaguely threatening to the woman before she swung at him?
    • It's crude, offensive and just in time for the holidays.
    • It was tasteless, crude, rude and very, very popular.
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    (method/device) rudimentario
    (method/device) burdo
    • He argues that these surprises often result from our rather crude understanding of the nature and function of genes.
    • This very simple and crude estimation procedure proves to be very useful, although it increases the computation time yet again.
    • The construction was crude, but he was pretty sure it would be safe enough to use as an escape tunnel.
    • Ankamama, an old man crippled in the war, makes weapons with the available material in his crude workshop.
    • A more crude approach is bin raiding, where thieves steal rubbish to search for sensitive documents such as bank statements or utility bills.
    • They probably can put a crude nuclear weapon on one of their shorter - range missiles.
    • But the direction is often crude and lacks the subtlety and genuine insights of his later work.
    • She called the questionnaire a " very crude method " that was not reliable.
    • Economic growth and crude nationalism are insufficient supports for long-term continuance of a regime.
    • Did you find that the crude devices you cobbled together worked better than the machines later designed to make those sounds?
    • Yet however imperfect, however crude, they afford the historian's best access to even a rough estimate of public opinion of the period.
    • The earliest tool kit, termed the Oldowan, is characterized by choppers, crude implements fashioned from cobbles by striking off flakes from either side of the stone to create a sharp edge.
    • I took the crude construction paper offering and admired it like the child had created something worthy of the great masters.
    • Emphasising on the need to initiate ‘action’ against immoral forces to set right things, the play attempts to delineate subtle and crude ironies of life.
    • Earlier I rejected a crude relativism and suggested that we need to accept that there is a difference between what we take to be true and what is true.
    • The training facility was large, but seemed fairly crude, and in disrepair.
    • There may in fact be differences, but my method is too crude to find them.
    • True or false, other forms of such crude methods were and (I'm guessing) still are in use.
    • Our method of recording votes and presenting the results may be crude, but it works, and it's accurate.
    • No wonder that the resulting building was diagrammatic in planning, and often crude in construction.
    • All divisions are now finding ways of achieving these savings through genuine improvements rather than crude cuts.
    • I know no case where this kind of crude forgery has succeeded.
    • The equipment was bulky and crude by modern equipment standards, and it had only limited use.
    • Thus, even today, it has only enough plutonium for one or two crude nuclear devices.
    • With most artists of his stature, this would more than likely involve a clumsy catharsis resulting in a crude ego trip.
    • In fact, the accounts are contradictory and smack of a rather crude attempt at a cover-up.
    • They were small, little more than crude devices put in rubbish bins, and injured few people.
    • It's also possible that you could - that you could structure radioactive material around a crude explosive device, have a crude dirty nuclear weapon.
    • This financial analysis is basic, almost crude.
    • This is inadequate and misleading because it depends on a crude kind of rationalism.
    • The police chief said around 100 protesters had been detained earlier this week at the French border as they tried to smuggle in axes, baseball bats and other crude weapons.
    • It is currently far too crude a weapon though and it needs to be more focused on persistent criminals.
    • Various rather crude attempts are being made to whip up opposition to such options.
    • The path was in many places a primitive stairway, or crude stepladder, at first through a jungle, and later up a very steep, grass-covered slope.
    • At the very beginning, the observatory was only a bungalow, with simple and crude instruments.
    • This has not prevented the companies from engaging in price discrimination altogether, but has forced them to engage in relatively crude versions.
    • Not because the idea is so crude and unlikely, but because of the enormous prospect of being rejected by everyone.
    • With these crude weapons, the basic principles of artillery were laid down.
    • While some employers resort to crude tactics, others are more subtle in their tactics aimed at discouraging union activity.
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    (containing impurities)
    (oil) crudo
    • For example, a petroleum firm explores for oil in many parts of the world, transports it to its refineries where crude oil is processed, and supplies various petroleum outputs to retail outlets.
    • Indonesia mainly exports crude palm oil, natural gas, agricultural and mining products, and wood to South Korea.
    • The co-op has filed for a patent on a process it will use to process crude soybean oil into poly-oil.
    • The first thing to understand about petroleum is this: crude oil is only valuable because it can be made into other things.
    • Oil refining refers to the processes involved in converting crude oil into useful petroleum products.
    • The refinery, which processes crude oil, has an annual capacity of around 10 million tonnes.
    • The sooner we develop them the less reliant we will be on imports of crude oil and refined petroleum products.
    • Their production of crude oil and natural gas began in 1969, greatly reducing Australia's dependence on imported oil.
    • The embargo caused an oil shock that ‘doubled the real price of crude oil at the refinery level, and caused massive shortages in the US’.
    • The bulk of exports are crude oil, refined products, and natural gas liquids.


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