Traducción de crush en Español:


aglomeración, n.

Pronunciación /krəʃ//krʌʃ/


  • 1

    aglomeración femenino
    there was a terrible crush at the bar había una aglomeración / un gentío horrible en el bar
    • three people were injured in the crush tres personas resultaron heridas en el tumulto
    • it was a bit of a crush with eight people in the car con ocho personas en el coche se estaba un poco apretado
    • With blood on my hands and forearms, I followed them downstairs and wandered through the crowd in the lobby, a crush of scared and bewildered reporters and hotel staff.
    • Parents created a frenzied crush of their own as they crowded around Gardai, begging for news of their loved ones.
    • So while he continued his speech I struggled out through the crush of the crowd to the quieter streets beyond the public square.
    • The drunken crush of merrymakers swayed the curious crowd back and forth.
    • But those two exits were not opened at the end of the football game nine days ago, and families trying to get out say they were caught up in a crush which frightened their children.
    • It was also the beginnings of the crush where we were and crowd surfers began coming closer to our heads.
    • The news spread fast and the crowds became a crush within a few hours.
    • Does she dream nostalgically of the crowds and crush of Christmas shopping in Coney Street, or roasting her chestnuts on a three-bar electric fire?
    • I listened to this with my eyes closed and put my mind to work, brought up the consistency of what sat under feet, the crush of rocking bodies, and the band, just beyond the mosh pit.
    • In fact, the tourists are flocking to Greece in even bigger numbers than ever for this time of the year, trying to miss the Olympic crush in August.
    • The heat, the noise, the crush of bodies - everything was intensified.
    • He stood on a banked terrace, leaning back against one of the stone walls which he supposed had been built to retain the crush of the crowd.
    • The crowd would start to assemble early, a crush on the sidewalk that spilled across the street into quiet Dolores Park.
    • Considering the lack of bodies, there's still something of a crush at the front.
    • The red headed girl whom she hadn't properly met yet appeared at her side and together they managed to weave their way out of the crush out into the hallway.
    • Sadly, most people were caught in a mobile crush as crowds massed from one possible vantage point to another in search of York's secret firework display.
    • I was afraid I would lose my daughter in the crush of human bodies.
    • I wasn't too keen today, didn't feel like being jostled in the market-day crowd, so I determined to do no more than drop in to the supermarket, avoiding the crush altogether.
  • 2coloquial

    enamoramiento masculino
    to have a crush on sb estar chiflado por algn coloquial
    • all the kids had a crush on Miss Spinetti todos los niños estaban chiflados por Miss Spinetti
    • it's just a schoolboy crush solo es un enamoramiento de adolescente
    • No, don't read anything into that, I don't have a crush on my best friend, I'm not that sadly tortured, but I can admit he is cute.
    • Realizing that you're starting to have a crush on a friend can produce a whole new set of fears and considerations.
    • Or, worse yet, as Nadda feared she might end up having to ask, how can you casually ask a person if they might have a crush on their best friend?
    • I knew him casually but he wasn't the kind of guy I'd ever have a crush on.
    • I had a crush on my cousin when I was in grade school.
    • It is like when you are in love… or to the least, have a crush on someone… no matter what the person does to you, you are able to see it in a positive light.
    • But that was kind of stupid to think it was a crush when they lived together.
    • My crush and I walk home from school together because we live close to each other.
    • We had practically all the same classes together in the eighth grade and she somehow had a crush on me close to the end of the year.
    • I have/had a crush on a guy 10 years younger than me.
    • He said other staff warned the teacher that the youth might have a crush on her, which should have been a ‘warning sign’, but she became more attracted to him.
    • I was rather taken with him and as we spent more time together I started to develop a bit of a crush on him.
    • Alternately, I want someone to have a crush on me.
    • Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?
    • He was to all intents and purposes heterosexual… but then he found he had a crush on one particular bloke in his office.
    • Did you ever have a crush on someone so off the beaten path that people just shake their heads at you in dismay when you mention it?
    • My best friend started to have a crush on my guy friend at the same time she had a crush on another guy.
    • Was it really possible that some of my friends could potentially have a crush on me?
    • Of course that was back when I had a crush on him… I would've fainted!
    • I have a crush on a friend who is very near and dear to me.
  • 3Britanico

    orange crush naranjada femenino
    • lemon crush limonada

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(squash)

      (box/car/fingers/person) aplastar
      (garlic) machacar
      (grapes) prensar
      (grapes) pisar
      (dress/suit) arrugar
      we sat crushed together in the back nos sentamos apretujados en la parte de atrás
      • she crushed the berry between her fingers aplastó / estrujó la baya con los dedos
      • they managed to crush seven people into the car consiguieron meter apretujadas a siete personas en el coche
      • she crushed everything into the case metió todo apretujado en la maleta
      • They were perceived as radical extremists by the Indian government that used ruthless force to crush the burgeoning movement.
      • After I stuffed that in, my bag was full and hard to zip up without knowing I was crushing some of the crunchy snacks.
      • The stages in Stalin's ascent were marked by crushing opposition on the grandest scale.
      • Even almost entirely non-violent protest might be crushed with extreme force.
      • In 1837, the British were crushing a rebellion in Upper Canada.
      • In the first case, they are made like a white wine; that's to say the grapes are crushed and/or pressed, then fermented without their skins.
      • The April Uprising was crushed with great cruelty by the Ottoman Army.
      • Paul crushes all of the pills and puts them into his mother's nightly milk.
      • Then, simply squeeze as hard as you can to crush the apple.
      • Increasingly repressive measures to crush the rebellion have resulted in a death toll of 1,100 guerrillas, police and civilians over the past four years.
      • The Vienna city council was eventually crushed by military force.
      • Samples of 8-10 kg were crushed and milled, and the less than 400 [mu] m fraction was sieved out.
      • Chopping devices are favoured over mincers because the latter tend to crush the meat, squeezing out the juices.
      • Special security forces crushed the uprisings, leaving at least a thousand casualties.
      • Wherever you go on the island you will see piles of black netting beside each tree which the islanders string up to catch the olives, and in almost every garden, the ancient stone presses still used to crush them.
      • Russian armies crushed the rebellions, with devastating effects for Polish nationhood.
      • He was then promoted to governor-general, where he asserted his authority, crushing rebellions and suppressing the slave trade.
      • Allicin, which forms once a clove is crushed or otherwise damaged, is believed by some scientists to be one of the beneficial compounds in garlic.
      • As such they could be crushed and ground for use, like peppercorns, as well as pressed to make a juice.
      • When this news arrived in Paris on the last day of 1791, it seemed to confirm all that Brissot and his allies had been claiming about a league of despots determined to crush the Revolution.
      • Even modest reform following the April 1960 student uprising was violently crushed.
      • My shoes made a soft crunching sound as they crushed the dry, brown grass beneath them.
      • The short-lived rebellion, which called for an end to colonial rule and a return of the local feudal monarchy, was brutally crushed by British forces.
      • In this case the experiment involves using a hydraulic press to crush specimen cubes of the concrete, and measuring the pressure at which the cube breaks.
      • Absorbable gelatin also can be crushed and injected.
      • The Gestapo took these efforts seriously enough to crush them with the utmost ferocity.
      • When the revolution was crushed by imperial forces, many Estonian revolutionary leaders fled abroad.
      • After that also the Turkish security forces crushed them, arrested them, most of them.
      • Individual samples weighing 24 kg were collected from the Dal and Bandak volcanics and were crushed and milled.
      • Then I want to pulverize those rocks by crushing each against the other, and that takes every last ounce of power and strength in my soul.
      • They are performing a state duty, which is to crush the armed rebellion.
      • This experience led some socialists to conclude that fascism was merely the instrument of the bourgeoisie for crushing the workers.
      • In Scotland, the supporters of the deposed king had to be crushed by force of arms, a process which was completed in 1689.
      • The authorities responded with strong force, crushing the armed rebels in 1771 at the Battle of the Alamance.

    • 1.2(pound, pulverize)

      (stone/nuts/root) triturar
      crushed ice hielo picado masculino

  • 2

    (rebels/enemy/resistance) aplastar
    he felt utterly crushed se sintió completamente abatido
    • they succeeded in crushing the bill lograron que no se aprobara el proyecto de ley
    • the government moved swiftly to crush the rumor el gobierno actuó con rapidez para acallar el rumor

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (dress/suit) arrugarse
    do you think we can all crush into the back? ¿crees que nos podemos apretujar todos en la parte de atrás?
    • A pit littered with chai cups, some made of plastic, now crushed and crumpled, others made of clay, already dissolving under the dew.
    • At the end of the meeting he crushed a membership card into my hand and had me signed up.
    • I just found the crushed bit of paper in my coat pocket.
    • He crushed the paper and threw it across the parking lot.
    • She looked at the crumpled ticket that was crushed in her hand.
    • No trampling of feet, no crushed creases, no sweat and no traffic jams.
    • He crushed the carefully constructed puppet in his fist.
    • She asked, crushing one of the sheets of paper into a ball in frustration.
    • I went out to the garden to check the low faucet, hoping to find a trickle of water and instead, I found some paper crushed under the garden gate.
    • A homeless guy who had to survive winter in the streets crushed up paper and stuffed his clothes with them for insulation.
    • The cigarette she was smoking is now crushed in her clenched fist.
    • The walls paneled in wood and papered in crushed and patterned velvet.