Traducción de cue card en Español:

cue card

letrero apuntador, n.


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    letrero apuntador masculino
    • As an international negotiator, he distinguished himself by never answering a question of substance off the cuff, but instead searching in his files for the right cue card and reading off a prepared reply.
    • I gave up trying to think of anything to say that didn't sound like I was reading it off a cue card.
    • When he read his cue cards, I wanted to smack him with a brick.
    • Don't ask me how that last one happened, because I couldn't tell you even if you had me read the actual answer off a cue card.
    • He does a bit more, introducing some of the testimony segments, but he seems to be reading off a cue card.
    • And in case you missed that talking point, three cabinet members repeated it, one of them literally reading it from a cue card.
    • Ben looked down at his cue card and back up at the two guys.
    • He thought it was beneath anybody's notice, and that was when he started using the cue cards and reading off cue cards.
    • Lines are delivered in unison, there are awkwardly failed attempts at overlapping dialogue, some actors appear to be reciting by rote or reading cue cards…
    • There, on a large cue card, was one word written with the same black, felt-tip marker.
    • Today's congressman composes tightly worded sound bites and reads them from a cue card when reporters call.
    • Yet his repartee, ad-libs and legendary one-liners were scripted by joke writers and his preference was to read his lines from cue cards - a habit he was to rely on all his professional life.
    • The characters have so many pauses and flubs in their lines that they sound like they are reading off cue cards they just got that afternoon.
    • Although she looks uncomfortable reading the cue cards, the fact that she emphasizes a balanced diet rather than fads more than excuses her inexperience.
    • And I kid you not, she could not even read her lines from the cue card she was obviously looking at off camera!
    • Every time she talked it sounded like she had to keep looking down at her cue card every five seconds so she'd know what to say, and sometimes it was painful to listen to.
    • She delivers her lines like she's reading them off cue cards.
    • She's terrible here, reciting her lines as if she's reading off cue cards and coming across as cold and vacant even when her character's trying to be nice.
    • To stop yourself from becoming so nervous that you go blank, or even to remove any fear that you may go blank, bring a ‘backup’ copy of your wedding vows on cue cards that you can slip into your pocket.
    • They come across as seasoned hosts despite their youth; they are animated and enthusiastic and don't even appear to be reading from cue cards.