Traducción de culinary en Español:


culinario, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkjuləˌnɛri//ˈkʌlɪn(ə)ri//ˈkələˌnɛri/


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    • It involved a superhuman effort on my part and you may want to make notes here in case you want to brush up your culinary skills.
    • They were judged on a range of culinary skills, including the planning and presentation of the meals.
    • As the weekend progressed we witnessed amazing feats of discipline and culinary skill.
    • Irish stew is the product of a culinary tradition that relied almost exclusively on cooking over the open fire.
    • He then proceeds to give me an exhibition of his skills - rhetorical not culinary.
    • No one cooked or prepared food quite like she did and she was very proud of her culinary skills.
    • They give you a free newspaper to peruse as you await their culinary delights.
    • Although she never wrote a cookbook, she did insist on sharing her culinary wisdom.
    • That we noticed no such effect can only be ascribed to the culinary skill of our French hostess.
    • Making soup requires very little in the way of culinary skills apart from an ability to chop vegetables.
    • Her culinary and sugarcraft skills were unsurpassed and she was an enthusiastic traveller.
    • The success is down to the culinary style of Kim, for whom cooking is a calling and a passion.
    • Night after night they endure such culinary imperfections at the hands of the nation's top chefs.
    • Perhaps the pointed kitchen knife has a culinary purpose that we have failed to appreciate?
    • It's a shame, because you do not know the culinary delights you are denying yourself.
    • An artist prepares the ingredients for his painting with the culinary enthusiasm of a master chef.
    • They are giving leading restaurant reviewers the chance to demonstrate their culinary skills.
    • Moscow offered culinary delights to suit every taste and almost every wallet.
    • A tour of the college takes about an hour and is well worth the diversion from the culinary and shopping delights.
    • The move from sous chef to executive chef is quite a jump in the culinary career ladder.