Traducción de cultivator en Español:


cultivadora, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkʌltɪveɪtə//ˈkəltəˌveɪdər/


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    cultivadora femenino
    • Front-mounted or belly-mounted cultivators, or pusher cultivators on bi-directional tractors, are far easier to keep on the row and work close enough to the crop plants.
    • Permanent cultivation forces shifting cultivators to move to more marginal areas and the grasslands.
    • The farmer is making a few last turns with his cultivator, sweeping up, so to speak, the last bit of straw left at the corners of the field.
    • Both can also be referred to as shifting cultivation, and forest pioneers are sometimes called shifted cultivators.
    • The protest we hear is strangely divided, along with repetition of the mantra about keeping food prices high for the benefit of farmers and cultivators.
    • In periods of drought, weeds may go into a semi-dormancy, leading farmers to stop cultivating or to set cultivators less aggressively.
    • The rate of urbanization is low, with most of the people still living as cultivators and pastoralists in dispersed hamlets, cattle camps, villages, and oases.
    • In the same jurisdiction in 1787, a merchant's victorious request that a cultivator cease passing with his cattle resulted in 45 livres in court expenses.
    • Cultivation was never done with a plow or a cultivator, but always with a hoe.
    • They got too tall to clear out with the cultivator, so Fred and I and the two other farm hands had to hoe a six-acre field by hand.
    • Players purchase and control authentic tractors, combines, planters, cultivators and more.
    • Such confiscations left cultivators unable to pay the palace their stipulated sharecropping rent and other fees.
    • Each entered the market with petunias that grew nearly twice as large as any previous variety, inspiring other Asian growers as well as European, Australian, and American cultivators to try to match them.
    • The small rototiller / cultivators that have become popular in recent years have a difficult time working in dry, compacted soil.
    • The position of tenant cultivators vis-à-vis those with land to offer was weakened.
    • The distinction was basically about categories of people, founded originally on their occupations as cattle herders or cultivators.
    • Inspired by the success of Danish trout farmers, salmon cultivators found Norway's sheltered fjords ideal for farming salmon in ocean net pens.
    • Biblical scholars who name Noah as the first cultivator of wine grapes describe him as settling down after the flood to become the first wine maker.
    • The Hawaiian farmer of ancient times was a superior cultivator who systematically identified and named plants - both those cultivated as well as the wild species gathered for use when crops failed.
    • The empire was characterized by a differentiated economy based on food-gathering tribes, pastoralists, various kinds of peasant cultivators, and traders.