Traducción de cumulative en Español:


acumulativo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˈkjumjələdɪv//ˈkjumjəˌleɪdɪv//ˈkjuːmjʊlətɪv/


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    • Data points are cumulative and useful when you have a frame of reference to plug them into.
    • Like in real life, the effects are cumulative and so combinations might result in different effects.
    • Inclusion of later years into the cumulative lifespan measure diluted the effect.
    • The effects are cumulative so the more often you fight the more chance you have of being injured.
    • Worst of all may be the cumulative or snowball effects on future generations.
    • In the first seven months of the fiscal year the cumulative figure was £24 billion.
    • The cumulative rewards can be lucrative, and the experience can change lives.
    • That said, there are problems that I believe stem from a cumulative lack of confidence.
    • Lead is a cumulative poison: the body mistakes it for calcium and uses it to make bone, so that large amounts build up.
    • As you can see, it shows the cumulative post totals of the three of us for the year thus far.
    • These effects can usually be avoided by estimating and controlling the cumulative oxygen dose.
    • The game ends when either team's cumulative score reaches 500 points or more.
    • What has not been reported is that the amount is cumulative over a number of years.
    • Although the journey times for most people are going to be short, this is a cumulative damage.
    • People of these races raised themselves under a system of cumulative incentives to responsibility.
    • The winners were judged on the basis of the corporate goal of cumulative profit after tax.
    • How long would it be before both offers amounted to the same cumulative total?
    • The trouble is, even taking cuttings is a theft - and the cumulative damage can be considerable.
    • Quarter point increases sound harmless, but it is their cumulative effect that causes the pain.
    • I wish they'd just give a little bit more so that you got the sense of a cumulative awareness.