Traducción de cup en Español:


taza, n.

Pronunciación /kəp//kʌp/


  • 1

    • 1.1(container, contents)

      taza femenino
      a cup of tea/coffee una taza de té/café
      • measuring cup taza de medir
      • paper cup vaso de papel
      • Jacket potatoes cost £1.30 and a cup of tea was 50 pence.
      • A cup of valerian tea an hour before going to bed can help to re-establish a normal sleep cycle, and is safe to take in conjunction with any prescribed medication.
      • Business leaders gave the ruling a cautious welcome, saying they trusted employees not to turn up to work drunk, but to use pubs as a place to be sociable, watch the football and enjoy a cup of coffee.
      • It is expected that the project will take about 6 to 8 weeks to complete and even if you can only go along for an odd session and a cup of coffee, you would be most welcome.
      • Australians drink coffee in smaller cups, our baristas tend to swirl the milk a little less, and we have completely different terminology.
      • It has been suggested an underground vault contains the Holy Grail, a cup from which Christ drank, and the Ark of the Covenant.
      • She says: ‘Next time I shall treat myself to more than a cup of tea!’
      • It shows men drinking from porcelain cups without handles, and coffee being served from a metal or earthenware jug.
      • We still made it time but I think from tomorrow, we're going to be setting off a little bit later now the mornings are getting darker, so we'll have chance for a sit down with a cup of coffee and a slice of toast.
      • The restaurant's really good value for money - you can get a cup of coffee for only 85p!
      • After the talk there will be a cup of tea and some light entertainment.
      • Some fans continued throwing, hurling their souvenirs, drink cups, beer bottles, batteries, portable radios and cell phones onto the field.
      • We drink it all up like a nice cup of warm cocoa.
      • I drank endless cups of coffee and cinnamon tea.
      • The energy boost from a cup of coffee reverses afternoon slump, helping to keep you alert and temporarily improving performance, concentration and reaction time.
      • I was so shocked, I dropped my cup of hot cocoa and gasped.
      • And you're asked to drink cups and cups of it, and answer a zillion very specific questions about the taste.
      • I nodded and he stood up, gathering the styrofoam containers and empty soft drink cups and crumpled napkins.
      • For 5 yuan, a visitor can get a cup of Sichuan tea and sit among bamboo and trees for as long as a whole day.
      • I filled a paper cup with water while I got out the bottle.
      • At which point, to my astonishment, a midwife suggested feeding her formula but, to avoid spoiling her with a latex teat, she suggested the baby drink it from a cup.
      • If necessary, use a disposable drinking cup inside to hold water.
      • He hopes (as we all do) that inspiration will spring from a cup of coffee, a muffin, a phone call, housework…
      • The next morning the kids sat in the coffee shop drinking steaming hot cups of coffee and hot chocolate.
      • Just drink several cups of good chrysanthemum tea.
      • "It's not by choice, " he muttered, and crushed his empty plastic cup in his hands.
      • I can't quite put my finger on what it is, and I start looking around the room for moldy food or drink cups or small, dead animals.
      • Travel jugs and water boilers are increasingly popular, many including stowaway drinking cups.
      • When students were asked how many cups of coffee they drink in a day (on average), the results were surprising.
      • "Here, " she said, and put the cup to his lips.
      • Two cups of steaming cocoa appeared in front of them on the coffee table.
      • On this day, since I planned to not leave the house all day, I decided to indulge and drink two cups of coffee.
      • Many students will be re-writing revision plans, displaying an inability to talk about anything else, drinking endless cups of coffee and suffering from a lack of sleep.
      • The friend and I both have the same cunning plan, and liberate some of the cups for drinks.
      • "Yes, yes I am, " I replied shakily, carefully setting the china cup on the table.
      • Her arm threw the empty, bare styrofoam cup harshly into the wastebasket.
      • I lifted the plastic cup to my lips again, and took a swig.
      • Together we drank five cups and the pot was still not dry.
      • The tea grew cold quickly in the enameled tin cups, but we drank it for the water and the wheaty taste of lemongrass, and with it we ate ginger biscuits.
      • He went to a cooler and filled a paper cup with water.

    • 1.2(cupful)

      taza femenino
      add one cup of flour/water añada una taza de harina/agua

    • 1.3(goblet)

      copa femenino
      to drink / drain the cup of bitterness apurar el cáliz / la copa de la amargura literario
      • Then He took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink from it, all of you.
      • If communion cups were a danger, he said, there would be cases of mass infections.
      • The cup was passed round and we joined together in the ritual, making us one through that same Christ.
      • The cup of blessing which we bless, is it not participation in the blood of Christ?…
      • Apparently, he thought it looked a lot like the cups we use at church for communion.

  • 2Britanico

    ponche a base de vino
  • 3

    copa femenino
    (competition/match) (before noun) de copa
    we watched the cup final miramos la final de copa
    • He presented the cup, individual trophies and man of the match award.
    • Your team has reached the semi finals of the Cup and it's your only chance of silverware this season.
    • He tried to salvage a silver cup embellished with antique gold medallions but threw it back at gunpoint.
    • A catch-all clause forbidding the award of the cup to anyone wearing a white shirt would be more sincere.
    • Newcastle have come from behind to win and the fans celebrate like they've won the European Cup.
    • They should have some rule whereby you can't play the same team in both Cups.
    • But then he immediately displayed the cup in the trophy cabinet.
    • Competitions were held for babies in different age groups and winners were presented silver cups and cash prizes.
    • She received a silver cup and sash as well as a gold world medal which secures her place for next year's world championships to be held in Killarney.
    • It was Hughes who organised a horse-race on Vasil'evskii Island in July 1792 with a silver cup as the prize.
    • There is a feeling around the city that, with relegation less of a worry, this could be our year in the Cup.
    • It was a one-sided competition back then; in fact, the British had lost 10 of the last 11 Cups.
    • That move has paid off handsomely this year and Liverpool have proved to be the team to beat in the Cups.
    • So the red army had won the cup and their third silver trophy gleamed amongst the iridescent confetti and brilliant white floodlights.
    • Everyone makes their way back to the campground and Billy is awarded the gold cup as well as three hundred dollars in prize money.
    • Billy gives the silver cup to his older sisters and the gold cup to his younger sister, just as promised.
    • Winning back-to-back Cups is an amazing achievement of mental and physical stamina, as well as hockey skill.
    • Winning the European Cup is the big one, and for some the only one.
    • I know they have won cups and trophies over the last few years, but if you ask any player in the squad, the one they would all love to win is the premiership.
    • Canada went on to fall to Argentina 19-14 in the Cup quarterfinal match.
    • In 1956, the first ever football European Cup was won in Paris by Real Madrid.
    • The more immediate job is to win the Scottish Cup on Saturday.
    • I would rather go out of the Cup than lose league points under certain circumstances.
    • Since the growth of the cup into one of sport's greatest and most watched contests, winning the venue is a valued and valuable prize.
    • The finalists in Europe's second - tier cup competition play a similar style.
    • There is hope yet of a run in the European Cup, but it can only delay the inevitable.
    • After the long and twisting road to the final there are only two teams left standing in the European Cup.
    • The winning team took the glittering gold cup and a cash prize.
    • Sheep, dogs and vintage farm machinery will be displayed by their owners vying for the top prizes and the many cups and trophies on offer.
    • Ned is awarded yet another prize cup for chopping.
    • His record of winning six championships and three European Cups in eight years at Liverpool is second to none.
    • There were three new cups and a trophy among the awards this year.
    • He will receive a specially designed engraved crystal award from the cup sponsors.
    • A clean sweep of domestic cups and two European trophies should have been followed by a Premiership title.
    • Almost all of the items are prize cups, souvenir objects and all kinds of sports medals, trophies and shields.
    • They made the European Cup last eight, but were sloppy at home to Valencia and let in a soft goal in Spain.
    • You go into the European Cup hoping to get challenges like we are going to get on Wednesday.
    • All that was left on the street was the shattered remains of a small trophy cup, broken silver shards twinkling in the evening light.
    • She was presented with a giant cup and gold medal at the end-of-season presentation at the weekend.
    • There were four overall prizes of cups, many trophies and certs for all the children.
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    • 4.1(of bra)

      copa femenino
      • Try a bra with support and lift in the cups, as the back of your bra should be parallel to the front.
      • Bigger cup sizes get a boost from halter necks which help support, while underwires lift and built-in cups define.
      • Your days of stuffing cups and settling for thingies that look like training bras are over.
      • I've seen bras with an adjustable bit in the front between the cups, maybe something like that would help?
      • Using polymer sensors, the bra tightens and loosens its straps, or stiffens and relaxes its cups in response to the movements of the wearer.
      • The most common problems were with the cups and underwires of the bra.
      • My right nipple is nearly horizontal and in line with the seam on my bra cup.
      • Look for a wide band for support, uplifting underwire, and cups made of sturdy rather than sheer fabric.
      • Exceptional support and fit are achieved from a new technique based on variable elasticity and a patented moulding system which allows the cups to give full support plus gentle fit.
      • The cup seams can be cut out and used to sew over the poking underwire part.
      • It pumps up your cleavage using two air bags inserted in the cups.
      • The bra cups are covered with netting and the padding is patterned to look like a soccer ball.
      • I pick up another bra, lift my breasts into the cups, fasten the back and arrange the straps.
      • He looked up in time to see Greta open her blouse and tuck the vial into the cup of her brassiere.

    • 4.2US (of jockstrap)

      coquilla femenino
      concha femenino México

    • 4.3(of flower)

      cáliz masculino
      • Thanks to an elastic band that connects the shoe's tongue to the sidewalls and a heel cup with a notch for your Achilles tendon, the fit is superb.
      • The weighing cup protruded from the top of the box and was placed below the end of a blow tube from which mealworms could be dispensed.
      • He pulled a pack of peanut butter cups from the plastic bag and set it down in front of the headstone.
      • Drape the phyllo circles over the prepared molds to form into cups.
      • The cup is then lined with mud, fur, bark, grass, and paper.
      • This stalked crinoid lacks arms, has a disc-shaped aboral cup that is at least five times wider than high, and has the anal opening in the aboral cup.
      • The periphery of the original blank must form the top circle of the cup.
      • When the nest framework was finished but some soft materials were still needed to line the nest cup, we performed the experiment.
      • They come in many varieties of two basic forms: the cup or ‘open’ bell, and the hollow sphere or crotal.
      • The first bit of fiddling involves bending the LED leads and fitting them into their little black housing cups which you have inserted into the holes in the faceplate.
      • She then described how they had little things like suction cups on their fingertips.
      • Carefully separate lettuce leaves and trim with scissors to form neat cups.
      • Test the floor hardness in several spots with a diamond cup mounted on a small angle grinder.
      • We stand in silence watching more people join the line as others leave happily with their cones and cups blissed out, stressless, and not quite ready to go home.
      • The most commonly used prostheses are metal femoral components with plastic acetabular cups.
      • Feeders that attach to a window with suction cups provide excitingly close encounters!
      • A cup replaces the disc seen with an ophthalmoscope, the magnifying light for looking inside your eye.

verbo transitivocupped, cupping

  • 1

    to cup one's hands (to drink) ahuecar las manos
    • to hold sth cupped in one's hands sostener algo entre las manos ahuecadas
    • she cupped a hand to her ear se llevó la mano a la oreja para oír mejor
    • I stopped, cupping my hand over my mouth and forcing back tears.
    • He stoops down, cups his right hand and scoops from the rainwater puddle and drinks.
    • Turning the tap of one of the sinks I cupped my hands and grabbed some water.
    • Scrambling to his feet, he cupped his hands and shouted in the direction he thought the voice came from.
    • I cupped my right hand over it and rolled the lavender between my palms.
    • He reached out with one long arm, cupped his hand behind her neck and pulled her to him.
    • Two set of feet trampled the house, and Virginia cupped a hand over her mouth, trying to silence her heavy breathing and inevitable sobs.
    • His feet were slightly apart from each other and his left hand was cupped under his right hand.
    • Slowly she lifted the lighter to her mouth and then cupped her hands around it to block the wind.
    • Next, cup your left hand around your mouth and direct the sound straight into your ear.
    • I turned on the sink, cupped my hands under the faucet, and drank some of the water that was trapped in my hands.
    • When she reached out for her change and turned to walk away, the shopkeeper held on to the gold coins between his thumb and forefinger and cupped a hand to his ear.
    • She leans forward, cups her hands around her empty glass.
    • Take your measurements where your fingers curve back in, while your hands are naturally cupped.
    • As she watched, he placed the end of the cigarette into his mouth and proceeded to light it, cupping his hand around the flame and the end of the stick.
    • Dustin, now panicking, kicked his legs and cupped his hands, and started to swim downstream.
    • Assured that her spine was undamaged and her limbs unbroken, he cupped his hand against her cheek.
    • A shrill roar rumbled out from its mouth, and he cupped his hands over his ears to try to block it out.
    • Let your arms swing naturally and in rhythm with your legs and loosely cup your hands.
    • He cups his hands to his mouth and shouts something back, but I cannot hear him.