Traducción de currently en Español:


actualmente, adv.

Pronunciación /ˈkərəntli//ˈkʌrəntli/


  • 1

    (at present)
    • So far there are five injunctions in place but more are currently being processed.
    • All of the books mentioned here are currently in print and available from good book shops.
    • He has followed the event since its inception and can currently talk about little else.
    • The biggest swarm of locusts in a decade is currently devouring crops in West Africa.
    • The couple are currently on honeymoon in Cyprus and will be returning in a week's time.
    • If that is the case then it will have to be a slightly bigger course than the one currently envisaged.
    • The road to the Planks is currently shut, and people cannot walk or park their cars there.
    • He is currently trying to design and build a vehicle to land on the surface of the planet Mercury.
    • We currently have an awful national team, but we don't suffer from a lack of talent.
    • It will take in work currently being done by the departments of social care and education.
    • He hopes to use the existing entrance to the land which is currently agricultural.
    • The land is currently used for turf cutting and for the commercial storage of caravans.
    • Inflation is currently at its lowest in living memory and has been for years now.
    • She is currently working on her third novel that will be partly based in the North of England.
    • The talented youngster is currently learning to play the keyboard and is a keen dancer.
    • I am currently looking for an answer to ensure the staff and kids are looked after.
    • He is the most damnably varied of the big hitters currently in action in contemporary art.
    • The service is currently aimed at men, but is set to expand into the ladies' market soon.
    • There is currently no suggestion that he was involved in illegal trading in drugs.
    • He said this could be achieved by allowing crews to do overtime which is currently banned.
  • 2

    as currently thought como se suele ahora pensar
    • medicine, as currently practiced here la medicina como se practica actualmente aquí