Traducción de curve en español:


curva, n.

Pronunciación: /kəːv//kərv/


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    curva femenino
    to be ahead of/behind the curve estar a la vanguardia/a la retaguardia
    • to throw sb a curve coger a algn desprevenido
    • To his greatest regret later in life, he never published an account of the method that allowed the computation of areas, lengths of curves, tangents, and maxima and minima of functions.
    • His tight black muscle shirt hugged his chest, outlining his every curve.
    • Judging the paintings, he said that straight lines, curves and equilateral triangles, involved in the drawing, could shape the children's handwriting.
    • The ruler has a fixed distance marked on it and one mark is kept on a given line while the other traces the conchoid curve.
    • Winding stone walkways, designed to mimic the natural curves and stratification sculpted by wind and water, gradually ascend eight levels to the street.
    • We can never fit a straight tangent line to the curve at the point.
    • It's a big cattle operation at a curve in the road.
    • David's house was right around the curve in the road.
    • In formal terms, the imagery plays with and against the shape of the tiles; curves contend with straight lines and figures are skewed or framed quite tightly.
    • Out in the country, past the big cities, over four hills, and through countless curves on the road, lay the small town of Benwin.
    • You don't go very far without a little hill or a curve in the road.
    • She smiles, a soft, trembling upward curve of mouth, " Not really.
    • The Impala ripped down the road and took the curve quickly; the fog had vanished now, and the sky was clear now.
    • The straight line must be one of the earliest curves studied, but Euclid in his Elementsalthough he devotes much study to the straight line, does not consider it a curve.
    • Or position a mirror at a sharp curve in a road and you can suddenly see around the bend, catching a glimpse of something to come that otherwise would have been hidden.
    • He trailed his mouth to the curve of her neck, softly kissing her.
    • The collision occurred when the driver lost control of the vehicle at a curve in the road while attempting to avoid the Federal Border Guard.
    • Using some fairly sophisticated mathematics, you can program the computer to pick out in that array things like straight lines and nicely shaped curves.
    • And the length of the curve is again a discontinuous function of the starting point.
    • Even the most macho of male drivers do not want to sweat it out driving or get a crick in the neck, manoeuvring hairpin curves on mountain roads.
    • Little manipulation is required within the heart because the wire follows a natural curve.
    • When the process was repeated over the remainder of the wall safe area, a strange outline of several concentric curves appeared.
    • Rounding the curve in the road Crow makes a turn and heads straight towards the finish line ribbon strung across the road.
    • Many famous mathematicians, including Descartes, have worked on a class of curves called cycloids.
    • Figure 5 provides an illustration of the corner tracking-error issue when negotiating a curve in a road.
    • With finite sample sizes, the curves deviate from this straight line and the deviation increases as the sample size decreases.
    • Most tend to begin by either drawing gentle curves or straight lines on the daisyphone, creating rising or falling note progressions or a stark-sounding chords respectively.
    • As we drove up the road with its hairpin curves to Mukkali, the air was dry and the surrounding hills looked desolate.
    • And he pushes the car past ninety, flying around the curves in the road.
    • The way Keaira took the curves of this road Kat could tell Keaira had been riding for a few years.
    • Each turn around Pacific Cove's many winding curves revealed smaller roads and hairpin turns.
    • Don't stand immediately after a curve in the road, people won't see you until they're right on you.
    • He was outlining a curve in black ink with a quill pen when someone knocked on the door.
    • ‘He won't be able to,’ I said, watching as a sharp curve in the road grew closer and closer.
    • Light from the street lamps would wrap around the compact space, following the natural curves.
    • They were at one of the biggest, cruelest curves on the winding road.
    • Ultimately, for an infinite number of sides (in effect, a circle), the curve becomes a straight, horizontal line.
    • The mishap occurred approximately 150 yards from the member's home on a narrow dirt road with a blind curve.
    • So it's been a road with various curves and detours, not a straight, linear march towards a predetermined goal.
    • His crisp white Greek Revival house still stands at a curve in the main road, momentarily blocking the bay view as you drive past.
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    curva femenino
    • Terence noticed the redheaded woman walking towards him, bright green eyes and a figure full of curves.
    • This measures the difference between the areas under the curve of a graph of actual distribution of cumulative income and one indicating equality of income distribution.
    • The substantial shift of decay curves to lower frequency as a result of compound-DNA interactions is readily seen in Fig.4.
    • Given that quantity best response curves slope downward, when firm 2's sales fall in country 1, firm 1 expands its output.
    • We constructed population growth curves for the numbers of different genes / ORFs found in the tag location database.
    • Her body with its generous curves still followed its own limpid rhythms and her long braid with its colourful Patiala parandis moved slowly to and fro upon that impregnable behind.
    • If the slope of the curve does not vary as C increases, the character is isogonic; if it varies, this means that the growth-rate of the abdomen varies.
    • Recruitment curves for beetle populations on each soybean genotype were plotted by fitting a Ricker model to the data using likelihood methods.
    • A simple model, where the curve varies with fruits, was compared with a complex model, where the curve varies with genotypes and fruits.
    • This situation leads to a blunter light-response curve, and lowers light use efficiency.
    • Her figure had curves in all the right places, her face was the kind that poets would write endless sonnets about, and her hair just seemed to ask him to run his fingers through it.
    • The fabric of her clothes whirled about her figure stretching against her curves.
    • We used the data from the field experiment to estimate recruitment curves for beetle populations on each genotype.
    • She wore a rose-dyed sacking dress, exquisitely worked under the needle so that it graced her slight figure, presented the curves as clues.
    • As we saw earlier, x-axis is the pedal curve of the parabola with respect to its focus.
    • She stood tall, unlike Winnie, she was 5'8, with a nice slender figure, with womanly curves.
    • The assymetric-cut skirt, single shoulder dress decorated with soft pleats and belts outlines the beautiful curve of women.
    • There was a grace and an elegance she carried with her, and it went further than the sleek curves of her figure.
    • The waist was fit to show her curves and the perfect figure of her body.
    • Slim figure, nice curves, the girl was a walking boy magnet!
    • Each eigenfunction represents a family of deformations in the shape of the average curve for the population.
    • From the individual dose - response curves we chose doses in the linear part for the combination treatments.
    • She noted her slim figure, slight curves suggested womanhood.
    • The graphs are likelihood curves of population growth rate when the population size estimate is at its maximum-likelihood value.
    • The dress hugged her body tightly but gently; bringing out her full curves and luscious figure.
    • The curve divides the population according to their adoption of new technologies.
    • Her perfect voluptuous figure with the right curves in the right places were accentuated by the tight black leather pants and top she was wearing.
    • The major portion of the population curves and all population peaks occurred in soybean stage R5 to beginning R6.
    • Her stick figure turned into voluptuous curves.
    • Her figure curves gracefully from head to toe as she stands there, the only one left clapping.
    • Her figures now show off curves as well as angles, and include touches of Impressionism as they pose, row boats and toddle babies across sandy beaches.
    • Most of us lie between two extreme ends of a bell-shaped curve of sleep length and efficiency.
    • Data for I / V curves were acquired by varying the patch potential when the channels were open and examining the changes in the current amplitude.
    • For now, you could throw a T-shirt over your bikini, shop for a swimsuit that downplays your curves or figure out where you could enjoy a girls-only swim.
    • All of the curves and contours of her torso seemed to fit right into mine.
    • The magazine even dared to say the poncho was suitable for all body shapes, flattering curves and disguising hefty hips.
    • The curve forms from a graph plotting return and risk indicated by volatility, which is represented by standard deviation.
    • She was dripping with water, the tunic outlining the high curve of her young chest, her hair falling heavily in her back, a large pool of water growing around her.
    • The area below the curve with respect to the cross section gives an idea of the missing ballast.
    • From the fact that Newton uses the letter v for the ordinate, it may be inferred that Newton is thinking of the curve as being a graph of velocity against time.
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    (on graph)
    curva femenino
    the Laffer curve la curva Laffer

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (surface) estar curvado
    (surface) estar combado
    it curves outward está curvado hacia afuera
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    (river) describir una curva
    (ball) describir una curva
    (ball) curvear México
    the path curves down to the sea el sendero tuerce y baja hacia el mar