Traducción de custodian en Español:


conservador, n.

Pronunciación /kʌˈstəʊdɪən//kəsˈtoʊdiən/


  • 1

    (of museum, library)
    conservador masculino
    conservadora femenino
    • A lot of the money was going to help firefighters and policemen, and not a lot was for custodians or attendants or restaurant workers.
    • There may be no explicit provision in the Constitution of India making it necessary for the custodians of State authority to let the minorities have their due share in the country's institutions of governance.
    • Instead of being creators, custodians and disseminators of knowledge they become part of a network of players contributing to problems often identified by external organisations or communities.
    • Physicians, health authorities and other custodians are responsible for explaining to their patients why information is being collected and how it will be used, shared and protected.
    • It is for this reason that there is urgent need for authorities to do an on-the-spot check of the assets as required by law so that the rightful custodians take care of the property.
    • Deputy Kenny said that farmers are the best custodians of the physical environment that we have and have always shown a responsibility in reacting to leadership in this area.
    • ‘In retirement, you still have responsibility as the custodian of patient records,’ says McGee.
    • The system enhances the patient-provider relationship by designating a patient's principal care provider as the custodian and administrator of the patient's record in the system.
    • Sometimes their role as custodians and protectors of biodiversity is not even acknowledged.
    • When the society put the gardens and the Yorkshire Museum into trust in the early 1960s the custodian responsibility for them was put in the hands of the local authority.
    • Currently, though, and from a historical standpoint, the custodians and protectors of the document inspire little confidence.
    • Mr Honner pointed out that farmers today have huge responsibilities as custodians of animals and the environment and as food producers.
    • The state custodians had failed to discharge their responsibility to protect investors from being swindled by unscrupulous people who were determined to enrich themselves at all costs.
    • In the final analysis, the national museums are the only custodians of these treasures.
    • He may own the majority shareholding but he is only the present custodian.
    • However the hotel industry has to make an effort to benefit the countryside since farmers are its custodians.
    • Another key outcome of these new initiatives is to increase the number of custodians guiding the quality of urban design in our cities.
    • As prisoners, they were totally at the mercy of their guards, their custodians, who have a responsibility to take care of them.
    • To do so, the taxpayer must instruct the IRA custodian to recharacterize the contribution.
    • As he points out, one of the cornerstones of the new concept of multifunctional agriculture envisaged by the EU for its farmers is to promote and support the role of farmers as custodians of the countryside.
  • 2

    (of morals)
    guardián masculino
    guardiana femenino
    custodio masculino
    custodia femenino