Traducción de customize en Español:


Pronunciación /ˈkʌstəmʌɪz//ˈkəstəˌmaɪz/

verbo transitivo

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    (car/program) (make) hacer según los requisitos del cliente
    (car/program) (adapt) adaptar según los requisitos del cliente
    a customized service un servicio personalizado
    • Financial advisers worth their salt will customize a plan to suit the individual customer.
    • More new features will be added later this year, which will allow individuals to customise the site, according to their needs.
    • Modifying or customizing a vehicle has also become a trend among car enthusiasts nowadays.
    • These menus allow players to customize gameplay without having to know any programming.
    • Right clicking brings up an easy to navigate menu that lets you customize your weapons on the fly.
    • Just as long as the rules are agreed upon before play begins, there should be no problem in customising the rules to suit your own needs.
    • The front grill and the interiors were customised to suit the customer.
    • ‘We also customise certain designs to suit their needs,’ he added.
    • If they don't like coffee then they can customise their coffee to suit their tastes.
    • Further, the technology is fully customised to the individual patient's eye.
    • Most experienced herbalists take a base formula and customize it for the individual.
    • Several IT companies in India spend their time customizing software to suit the requirements of their clients.
    • Over time, I see students working more on modifying standard components in the Revit libraries and customizing them for their individual projects.
    • One can even customise dialer tones for individual callers.
    • Real users can click down through the levels to get to individual scripts that customise each board.
    • This new look is actually a template available to anyone but I went ahead and customised it a little to suit my needs.
    • Using these crucial inputs, customised footwear is made for individual patients.
    • The most important trimmed battery power requirements by modifying and customizing operating system software and hardware.
    • Can certain parts of the course be customised to suit your exact needs if necessary?
    • Every bike is unique because everyone customises their bike to reflect their individual personalities.