Traducción de cuticle en Español:


cutícula, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkjudək(ə)l//ˈkjuːtɪk(ə)l/


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    Botánica cutícula femenino
    (of nails) cutícula femenino
    • Recent studies show that most germs on the hands reside under the fingernails and cuticles.
    • She gazed absently at her fingernails, pushing down the cuticles and digging out small pieces of dirt that had become lodged between the nail and skin.
    • The cuticle and skin around the nails becomes swollen, red, and sometimes painful.
    • I'll paint my fingers and toes with Times Red Square, a deep crimson varnish by Essie, taking great care to prime my nails with a base coat so that the dark colour won't stain my cuticles.
    • If you get any solution on your fingernails or toenails, use alcohol to keep your cuticles from turning orange.
    • Nail pens are the cheater's way to clean up that raggedy old skin you call cuticles and make your nails look better, too.
    • He was attended by physician Ana Maria Lazaric at the hospital, whose examination found nothing abnormal except for a puncture mark in the left ring finger, between the nail and the flesh of the cuticle.
    • Rub cuticle oil into your cuticles and onto your nails for instant shine.
    • Whenever I'm stuck in traffic, I file my nails and massage my cuticles with cuticle cream.
    • The manicurist can then gently push the cuticles back with her finger or a towel.
    • In addition, the cuticle of the fingernails often gets very ragged, overgrown, and irregular.
    • He was so interested in his cuticles and his fingernails.
    • ‘It's my fingers that worry me,’ she moans, showing me some reddened cuticles.
    • Creams soften the nails and feet, toenails are trimmed and an oscillating machine tidies up the cuticles and removes dead or hard skin.
    • The company, based in Marina Del Rey, Calif., makes Voter Control Ink, a dye that stains fingernails and cuticles for up to 48 hours and helps to prevent voter fraud.
    • Dab a little cuticle cream/body lotion on each toe and gently push the cuticle to the base of each nail to enable proper nail growth.
    • Massage petroleum jelly on hands to condition dry skin and cuticles.
    • His fingernails and cuticles are bitten and chewed.
    • This compact case contains fine-tip cuticle scissors, a cuticle pusher, a stainless-steel nail file and a chrome nail clipper.
    • And as Raechel gently removed the dead cuticle around each nail she talked me through the method of achieving a perfect pedicure at home.