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leyenda, n.

Pronunciación /ˈkətlaɪn//ˈkʌtlʌɪn/


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    leyenda femenino
    • It is joyous stuff, evoking for me not only happy days of yore in Len's studio but also shoring up my belief that Len's cutlines (captions, you'd say) were masterpieces of the English language.
    • When feasible, include in the cutline an explanation of any special effects used in creating the photo illustration, especially if it aids the viewer's understanding of the photo.
    • The cutline (photo caption) reads: ‘Paul Martin dips his feet into the Pacific Ocean in Vancouver on Sunday.’
    • The reporter visitors will probably write headlines and cutlines at first, equipping them to suggest them later.
    • Here's the editor of the paper making sure every word of a cutline or a drop head was right, not just the main headline or the lede.
    • If you do send in clips, I'll be looking at headlines, cutlines, weird indents (I hope I don't run across too many), cropping, teases and just about anything else on the page that involves detail work.
    • Beyond that, maybe some of these ideas might help in writing cutlines.
    • Anyway, another credit shows her gesturing to some candles; the cutline says ‘Performing a ritual for the internet cybercast Halloween weekend.’
    • If you're not going to give away the news in your lead, don't give it away in the headline or front-page photo cutline either.
    • Double-check the wording and information in any graphic or cutline that goes with your editorial.
    • The cutline explains that Tiger Woods is practicing for a major tournament.
    • They write the elements most readers read first: headlines, cutlines, blurbs.
    • ‘Take a break from the kitchen’ reads the cutline on the brochure of a seaside resort near Kovalam that is planning an Onam holiday extravaganza.
    • If the surface elements (headlines, cutlines, visuals) speak clearly to them, readers will have a head start on the text.
    • Clip and label an example of each of the following: index, byline, cutline, dateline, and headline.
    • And when it came to the final presentation, there was Carroll - rewriting leads, headlines, subheads, and cutlines.
    • And reporters who suggest cutlines get pictures that match their body text.
    • We have seen cutlines and statements by the administration and others talking about London terrorized, terror in London.
    • For those of you who missed it, here are some quick headlines and cutlines.
    • His connection to UW was touted in headlines, cutlines and article text.
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    (in squash)
    línea de saque femenino