Traducción de cyan en Español:


cian, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsʌɪən//ˈsaɪən/


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    cian masculino
    • I had said all of the colors from white or black to fuchsia and cyan, but for some reason I could never say purple.
    • We admired the view and watched the sun set over Dublin with dramatic streaks of pinks, cyan, purple and red.
    • Mixing two of them produces cyan, magenta and yellow, also called the subtractive colors.
    • Similarly, a short soak in water containing a little acid shifts the colour towards cyan, each acid producing a slightly different hue.
    • Yellow, magenta, and cyan are not the primary pigment colors, as one book had it.
    • Colour Correction filters are available in primary colors - green, red and blue - and printing colors - yellow, cyan and magenta.
    • During each pass, one of the four colors - cyan, magenta, yellow and black - was placed on the paper.
    • Colour printers use at least four inks - cyan, magenta, yellow and black - but some of them use up to nine inks to improve photographic quality.
    • The report said something about cyan, blue in colour, remember?
    • Solid streaks of cerulean blue or vibrant cyan give the small details she depicts a life that can only be attained through extensive, lucid observation.
    • Jones scans his photographs to separate them into process colors - cyan, magenta and yellow.
    • Colour printers use four inks - cyan, magenta, yellow and black - and the coloured inks are more expensive than black toner.
    • His hair was a deep, rich purple accented by streaks of cyan that helped to bring out the color of his lavender eyes.
    • As an aside, a mixture of cyan, magenta and yellow should produce black, but in reality a touch of black is needed to get it.
    • Fake furs are presented in an especially trendy style - in fashionable colours from magenta to lime green and cyan blue.
    • Most photoprinters are actually inkjet printers that offer six-colour printing by adding light cyan and light magenta to the usual cyan, magenta, yellow and black.
    • That of a primary colour will be a mixture of the two other primaries: the additive complement of red is cyan, the subtractive complement is green.
    • ‘In them, Ken has fused the rich colours of sky, sea and earth - ultramarine, cyan, terracotta - with neutrals to create works which are serene and yet striking,’ says David.
    • It prints in cyan, magenta, yellow, and clear or white.
    • Hey, cyan is a blue hue, and ceanothus has beautiful blue flowers, so it makes sense.