Traducción de cycle track en Español:

cycle track

vía para bicicletas, n.


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    (cyclists' road) vía para bicicletas femenino
    (cyclists' road) ciclovía femenino América Latina
    (cyclists' road) bicisenda femenino Cono Sur
    (for competitions) velódromo masculino
    • How many cyclists, I wonder, use the new cycle path along Oxford Road or across The Lawns?
    • Cyclists are asked to use the cycle track and to check the condition of the bicycle before entering the road.
    • A new report says that 75 per cent of councils report a deterioration in roads, footpaths and cycleways in the past year.
    • These journeys could be done by cycle, if there were the cycle lanes and cycleways to encourage that.
    • The Great Northern Trail, a cycleway, footpath and bridleway, will run between Cullingworth and Queensbury and is being constructed in three sections.
    • The party's manifesto for Swindon calls for more paths and cycleways, a tram system, lower bus fares and more wind farms.
    • In our own straw poll, we counted the number of cyclists using the cycle path under the rail bridge leading to Station Road for five hours from 8.30 am to 2.30 pm yesterday.
    • Last October she had her back broken when she was struck by a driver in a hit-and-run incident as she was riding on a cycle path to the velodrome in Manchester.
    • Two hundred hectares of existing neglected woodlands were restored, 32 kilometres of new paths, bridleways and cycleways were created and 2,700 specimen trees were planted around the town.
    • The defunct railway line is to be turned into a cycleway, footpath and bridleway and is set to open on May 23.
    • Cash has been spent on landscaping and protecting wildlife, while cycleways and paths have also been provided.
    • Almost nothing else will send these forests into extinction more effectively than building over-wide tracks, walking paths and cycleways through them.
    • After about 400 metres a cycle track leaves the road to the left.
    • Soon our path became a cycle track and then we realised we were heading for New Marston.
    • West Swindon has been targeted, officers believe, because of the network of footpaths and cycleways which make properties easy to access.
    • Devizes Town Council has said installing a cycle path in Brickley Lane would be dangerous.
    • Although the design of the bridge is in its early stages, it will have four lanes including two public transport lanes, a cycle path and two pedestrian walkways.
    • The plan is to turn the footpath on the southern side of Brickley Lane into a shared cycle path and footpath.
    • Cycling here must be great as it is so flat, if a little boring, as the roads and cycleways are so straight.
    • The cycleway, footpath and bridleway will eventually run between Cullingworth and Queensbury and is being constructed in three sections at a cost of about £1 million.