Traducción de Cypriot en Español:


chipriota, n.

Pronunciación /ˈsɪpriət//ˈsɪprɪət/


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    chipriota femenino
    Greek/Turkish Cypriot greco-/turco-chipriota masculino
    • A little older and a great deal larger than his peers, the 17-year-old Cypriot is built like a tank.
    • The Senate shall be composed of an equal number of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.
    • Greek Cypriots generally maintain close ties with friends of the same sex.
    • The border was partly reopened last year after pressure from Turkish and Greek Cypriots pushed their respective leaders into talks.
    • For Cypriots, membership of the European Union is far down the list of political priorities.
    • A Cypriot presidential spokesman said the majority of those on board were Greek Cypriots.
    • Makarios was not only the spiritual leader of Greek Cypriots, but was also their political leader.
    • Poles, Slovaks and Cypriots don't defer to Paris or Berlin.
    • Both Greek and Turkish Cypriots prefer to think of themselves as living close to Europe rather than Africa and the Middle East.
    • Greek and Turkish Cypriots will vote on reunification a week before Cyprus joins the EU on May 1.


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