Traducción de dagger en Español:


daga, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdaɡə//ˈdæɡər/


  • 1

    daga femenino
    puñal masculino
    • The hilt of the dagger had been colored silver, with gold markings on the lower end.
    • He stared at all the weapons, swords, daggers, bows and arrows; some were even made of gold.
    • He had a rifle slung over his right shoulder and a short sword or long dagger at his left hip.
    • She knew it was useless to use arrows so she pulled out a dagger and a small sword as she charged to the battle.
    • He clutched his throat as she reached into her belt and took out a silver dagger and a small glass bottle.
    • He ran his finger over the fine edge of the dagger's blade.
    • It's one of those stores that sells every kind of knife, dagger, and sword you can imagine.
    • A dark figure swathed in shadows stood over her, a dagger gleaming in its raised hand.
    • Sharp weapons, including knives, daggers and spears, were seized from the 46 people.
    • He moved to plunge the dagger in but the weapon was wretched from his grip by a powerful hand as the other gripped his wrist and tore it away.
    • She prepared to plunge her silver dagger down when Lucas kicked her from behind and sent her tumbling.
    • While a good percentage of them had guns or rifles, some also carried scimitars and daggers.
    • They had their blades, ranging from daggers to swords, out and at the ready.
    • As he passed one of the men who was attempting to stab Alan with a short dagger, he killed him in mid-stride.
    • Captain Irving had threatened to hurt her, but not with a sword, or a dagger, or a pistol.
    • Marrissa staggered down the dark empty hallway, clutching a dagger in her left hand and her journal in the other.
    • The dark man gave an evil grin as he produced a dagger from nowhere and raised it towards his chest.
    • They were also both carrying the same weapon, a small dagger.
    • Men-at-arms and common soldiers carried daggers too and occasionally short, curved multi-purpose swords.
    • He was helping the council pass out swords and daggers, weapons of every kind.
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    cruz femenino