Traducción de dairy en Español:


lechería, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdɛːri//ˈdɛri/

nombrePlural dairies

  • 1

    (on farm)
    lechería femenino
    (produce/product) (before noun) lácteo
    (cream/butter) de granja
    (industry/herd/cow) lechero
    dairy farm granja lechera femenino
    • dairy farmer ganadera de vacuno lechero or de leche
    • dairy farming industria láctea / de la leche
    • I've followed a healthy macrobiotic diet for 10 years now, which means that I try to stick to fresh organic food and avoid dairy and meat.
    • Willett, however, considers dairy that's been skimmed of saturated fat an optional food.
    • The most common food intolerances are wheat or gluten, dairy, corn, soy, eggs and peanuts.
    • You will need to read all food labels as dairy turns up in many disguises, eg, whey, lactose, skimmed milk powder, casein, milk protein.
    • In these cases Dampness-engendering foods like dairy, citrus, and perhaps wheat may need to be eliminated from the diet.
    • Saturated fats have been shown to have health repercussions, too, but are naturally occurring in such foods as meat, eggs and dairy.
    • The Government says it is responding to concern about the power of the supermarket chains, not just in dairy but for other foods such as fruit and vegies as well.
    • Twenty-three hundred Holstein cattle were maintained at the dairy with 1300 cows milked three times daily.
    • Since Maine's three major dairies require farmers to pledge not to use hormones, farmers who do use them have to ship their milk to out-of-state dairies.
    • Milk bottles would transport milk from the dairy to your door and you would recycle that bottle each day by giving it back to your milkman.
    • I not only have gluten sensitivity but wheat, dairy and various other food sensitivities.
    • Instead of selling fluid milk to agribusiness dairies, these farmers develop a market niche for their products by adding value to the milk.
    • Allergy sufferers also find relief by avoiding dairy, meat and/or wheat-based foods when symptoms are at their worst.
    • Greens and other plant foods easily hold their own against dairy in terms of calcium content.
    • Diet often plays a role, with wheat and dairy being the most common food offenders.
    • Treatments were blended into a supplement at a commercial feed mill and delivered to the dairy.
    • Chief among allergic foods are dairy and wheat.
    • Most importantly we'd recommend consulting a medical practitioner or dietitian before excluding any major food group like dairy from the diet.
    • Formerly 75% of our revenue was derived from dairy, largely milk and ice cream.
    • Other dairies believe 3.25% or high-fat milk is what consumers want.
    • By 2020, those dairies will be replaced with 100 feed-lot dairies averaging 1,400 cows.
    • We have regional superdairies, regional dairies and small regional dairies that we work with closely.
    • When over the acute stage, avoid: alcohol, red meat, tobacco, spicy, greasy and fried foods and dairy.
    • Currently fewer than a quarter of large hog operations and large dairies are spreading their manure on adequate crop land acreages to meet the new EPA guidelines.
    • Such large dairies face higher costs, including those associated with manure storage.
    • While it's true that there are a variety of other foods that are rich in calcium, dairy is still the best bet.
    • It's widely available in animal foods including dairy, eggs, fish, and poultry.
    • With the consolidation of dairies and building of more megaplants, the pressure is on to reduce costs.
    • Since then, the company has gone on a massive shopping spree, acquiring and building some 14 different packaging and processing plants and dairies.
    • This is the story of two very different goat dairies who found direct-marketing success with meticulous management and distinctive products.
    • The facility had to be large enough to accommodate a tractor-trailer tank truck of the type used to haul milk to commercial dairies processing 10-million gallons a day.
    • They say primary school meals should provide at least one portion from the following groups: fruit and vegetables, milk or dairy, meat or fish, and a starchy food such as bread or pasta.
    • According to Chef Sumara Malingalis, raw food with no meat, no dairy, and no cooking is all the rage in Hollywood.
    • This will rot cooked food, oils, dairy, meat, rubber, cardboard and newspaper.
    • Another innovative way Midwest is providing service to members with dairies is through a heifer-replacement program.
    • Woodson mentions that many dairies have consolidated their warehouses, creating the need for larger distribution facilities.
    • Indeed, the need for cost-effective solutions and consumer-friendly features continues to impact the decisionmaking process among dairies.
    • The DBIC provides a full array of technical assistance to new and emerging dairy businesses including farmstead and artisan dairies as well as small, medium and large dairy processors.
    • Free manure from an out-of-business dairy helped move things along.
    • While many dairy processors use contract carriers to deliver their products, several dairies maintain their own fleet.
  • 2

    (shop) lechería femenino
    (company) central lechera femenino
    • The corner dairy is a delicatessen and I can buy soy-yoghurt, fresh bread and good coffee all as I walk to work.
    • Most of this work is unproblematic - teenagers taking an after-school job in a supermarket, corner dairy, or working in a family business.
    • Blanche was known to get water from a nearby dairy where she shopped - mainly for canned goods, candles and fuel for her little primus stove that she cooked on.
    • Several Amish cooperatives and family run dairies have developed a loyal relationship with the restaurant, selling only to Pouillon.
    • I funded my habit by roaming the streets and beaches looking for glass softdrink bottles that I'd trade in to the dairy for two or four cents each.
    • I have actually heard one of the co-leaders of the Greens say that we should not be allowed to drive to the corner dairy - we should be forced to walk.
    • Because so many farms have diversified in recent years there are often jobs for partners in bakeries, dairies and farm shops.
    • When you support local dairies, bakeries, clothes shops, restaurants, butchers and local businesses and retailers in general, you are supporting local jobs and a vibrant local economy.
    • Over time, the hotel was expanded and a dairy, bakery and stables were added.
    • A dairy in the north of England has begun selling Newcastle Brown Ale flavoured ice cream.
    • Licenses for all kinds of businesses, from dairies to pet food stores to horseback riding schools, now cost more money.
    • The shop was a dairy that supplied milk to the boats in the harbour and involved long hours.
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    (small grocery shop)
    tienda de combustibles femenino
    tienda de ultramarinos femenino
    bodega femenino Venezuela Perú Cuba
    abarrotes masculino México Andes América Central
    almacén masculino Cono Sur