Traducción de damsel en Español:


damisela, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdamz(ə)l//ˈdæmzəl/


arcaico, literario

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    damisela femenino arcaico literario
    doncella femenino arcaico literario
    • Apart from creating the right ambience, damsels dressed in traditional attire of each country stood beside the display and dished out facts about the fare.
    • He said: ‘They really enjoyed becoming knights on horseback and medieval damsels.’
    • He would never sense the spirit, the gaiety in courting a young damsel.
    • He had heard it said that her innocent demeanour combined with her intelligent mind made her a refreshing change from mindlessly demure damsels.
    • The story goes that a young damsel was at the top of the tower when she saw her husband gored to death by a stag he was hunting.
    • Basher introduces us to beautiful damsels, obnoxious sisters, indescribably evil villains and horrifying monsters.
    • The young damsel has been captured by baddie pirate Barbossa because she possesses a rare coin.